Friday, 3 January 2014


i feel so energised now i'm back.  seeing everyone at xmas was such a good thing and i've decided to make january a dry month.  
i've bounced out of bed this morning and done so much. completely cleaned up the leaves and bark and swept the yard, got thick cobwebs off the back wall and tidied the accumulation of garden rakes, spades and other stuff that was gathering along the carport wall.  weeded a couple of garden beds, watered the front yard and hosed down  garden furniture, hung the great $1 clock i got at roundagain tip shop, it's on the studio wall.  
then - steeled myself for a half hour phonecall with testra getting my bigpond mail address to work again - done.   
drawn up more of the educational job i've got on the go, it's ahead of schedule at this stage.  sorted out the back porch a bit more, it's tidy and now i'm going to put some work on the wall there.
also tested a bit of the paint i have to do the bathroom,  the colour looks fine.
now i'm going to find a beanie pattern to knit the beloved cal a new hat,  like he needs one !
i've assembled the new double decker dish rack i bought, it's a ripper.  done a bit of sewing, now my jama pants have a nice deep crotch - ah yes.  good old thu, my vietnamese seamstress, always makes the crotch too short in all the pants she does.
off now to watch a movie on tv- it's 4 o'clock.   then i think i'll pick some work to go in the back porch.
it's good to feel so alive     ;0)

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