Wednesday, 31 December 2014

NEW YEAR'S EVE morning walk

courtship on the darling river


SUNNY LEFT THIS MORNING  -  now it's new year's eve.  what will the new year bring?

 new wall colours -
more to come.  

Tuesday, 30 December 2014


this morning - another walk to the point, choppy and breezy but still gorgeous

    this is the heart tree on the island

  . .  and a huge bargain shopping day.  we went to the tip shop and i bought a big super comfy 40's club suite, newly upholstered in retro plush fabric for $50! and a lot of great books on illustration and old style children's illustrators, all 50% off in vinnies. sunny got some goodies too, a kangaroo chair, a great brother sewing machine for $20 - the car was full :0)

this afternoon i painted another wall, soft maize gold.  very nice 


Sunny and I have painted the wall in the lounge room -  a lovely bluegum grey which looks great behind my prints.   Yesterday was a day of putting everything back in place, rehanging the wall, it was a horrible windy warm dusty day, a day for being inside

Monday, 29 December 2014


I INTRODUCED Sunny to the island,  she ran from my place i drove then walked to the point and did some drawing as usual.  I'm in bed now (sunday) and  i think i'll sleep in  - very very tired.  for no real reason, just time to catch up on rest and do a bit of work on my new website.

we had lunch at the black stump - beautiful kangaroo loin :0)  -  and went to see bill murray in st. vincent, disappointing but ok. then spent a lovely evening (it's warm and mild)

LOVING my new barbie area, today i bought a whole lot of solar lights to hang around in the shrubs. Last night was perfect weather for sitting outside and we cooked up a feast :0)

BUT FIRST a walk to the point in the morning
sunny cooking zucchinis and eggplants :0)

Friday, 26 December 2014


HOME AGAIN after a day of driving to lake lonsdale to have christmas with sunny at helen and don's with jenny, art and finn.  the weather's been perfect and we had a lovely day, lots of great food, walks, scrabble, sleeping, more eating . . .  traditional christmas stuff :0)

Now sunny and i are back home here on the river, a beer on the banana lounges and easy dinner.
lunch at the lascelles pub on the way, all good. sunny's here till wednesday :0)  It's getting hotter then, right now it's perfect weather, cool nights, warm days.

at Ouyen,  brilliant flowering gums and christmas music playing 
in the main street, ella fitzgerald, nat king cole, frank sinatra.  
It's a nice town

    beautiful shimmering horizon line on the drive down

huge cockies at 
helen's, also 
rosellas and 
blue wrens, 
maggies and

the traditional bonbons
had snappy hats and
terrible riddles as usual

                              finn's special xmas dance

                            at jenny and art's in pomonal

Wednesday, 24 December 2014


I've loved the morning walks on the point, it's different every day, something always happens. On monday a huge carp came up out of the water next to my bare foot :0\

 beautiful and overcast, still water and fabulous reflections

not sure what he's thinking - maybe he noticed my toenails need redoing?

It's nice to just sit and draw and look and listen for maybe 20 minutes, half an hour - sometimes a bit of tai chi in amongst the trees
my little book is full, i just realised the other day that the other side of this book is all notes and sketches from my time in beijing with li when i was doing the peasant prince 

I love these
soft subtle
colours of the

THE WILLIE WAGTAILS are full size now, still only half developed tails but recognisable also from the markings on the wings which will stay for a while but i think by the time i get back from the grampians on boxing day, it'll be hard to distinguish them from the parents who may be nesting again soon.

THIS BEAUTIFUL FELLOW was waiting in my front yard when i got home last night from work.

IT'S WEDNESDAY - after working all day at the Vault - staring at the computer screen and trying to update our website at victourism (after spending all the previous day trying to do my own) i had a quick dinner and catch up at the pub and completely conked out at 9.15. 

Much excitement when Santa dropped into the pub. i got a large lollipop :0)

SO EXCITED  i couldn't focus the camera