Thursday, 11 December 2014


IT'S WONDERFUL HERE this morning after a night of slow steady rain - cool and breezy and damp, delightful

i hope the babies are safe and dry, here they are yesterday. i thought
they might be dead but as i watched i could see a soft pulsing of heartbeats
 - little miracles

huge kite's nests in the tops of trees

 Last night i organised a group to go on the wentworth riverboat up the darling river. it was a cool grey trip with light rain, quite different to previous trips. nice to be merrilyn and dianne and to introduce them to new people, merrilyn sang some cruisy piano bar numbers and did a duet or two with captain julia. julie and with greg run the tours and do a great job. fish'n'chips for dinner and a drop of champers. ros atkins came along too - lots of inspiring trees for us to look at, even better with wet bark

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