Monday, 27 September 2021


I'M NOT ADDING TO THIS BLOG as often as i'd like because left-handed typing is tediously slow and doesn't allow for stream of consciousness writing.

a pictorial update then -

the full moon has been and gone, perfect photography conditions every night.

I HAD A VISIT from a very handsome lace monitor,   mick the gardening man spooked him and i think he was only half out of hibernation because his skin looked velvety and perfect and he was slow and seemed slightly out of it.

THE FAIRY WRENS have discovered the mirror in the garden and are a little bit in love with themselves

Monday, 20 September 2021

ETTA - suddenly grown up

ETTA seems to have gone from baby to toddler in a matter of weeks!


LAYING LOW - no activity this week apart from knitting and devouring seasons of favourite series.  Not to mention crosswords and cryptics;  I'm finishing the cryptic more often than not.  It's simply a matter of allowing the time :0)

The day after i got home from hospital the kingfisher arrived for the summer.  two weeks earlier than usual, it's been october in previous years.  it's lovely to have them back

i'm also enjoying a fabulous new doona, 90%  Hungarian goose down, 10% goose feather.  courtesy of a healthy gift voucher from don, much appreciated.  the doona is thick and warm but super lightweight, a dream to sleep under.

Being in lockdown and also limited in movement has just highlighted even more the benefits of living here. being surrounded by river, trees, huge skies and the wonderful birdlife is such a boon to the spirits.  I've been here for the most difficult time for us all and i feel very lucky to have this place to recuperate in.

I knew the moon was setting at 4.15 last saturday.  I'd seen it on the horizon two days before and it was bright red/orange as it slipped behind the trees before i had a chance to photograph it.  so i set the alarm and set myself up with chair and coffee two mornings later to watch it set and get some pics.

i was not disappointed     

  It's almost full moon, this morning was wonderfully 

     cloudy and dramatic

Monday, 13 September 2021


I'VE BEEN IN HOSPITAL four days instead of two.  i had a strong reaction to painkillers yesterday and was really sick all day.  i still felt bad today so i'm staying tonight and going home in the morning.

My collarbone has been done, here's hoping it's a better job this time.

it'll be good to get back to the river

Flowers arrived soon after i did, from susan and sean.  really beautiful pastel roses, the pink ones with a delicate perfume.   Next day a really bright arrangement came from sandra and patrick, they've kept my spirits up the whole time.   Food's been good, staff always cheerful.  


Looks like ren and family are having some good 

weekends away from the city

Thursday, 9 September 2021


WELL, FINALLY the time has come to pack a bag and get ready for a new plate to be attached to my fractured collarbone.  god, i hope it works, six more weeks in a sling!   I've been seriously paying attention to working with my left hand and being aware of every movement. i've ordered new clothes, all pull up or zip up, easy stuff.   The freezer is full, partly my own efforts and kind gifts from friends. Where would i be without them.

My sanity is intact however, largely due to being in this beautiful place.  I'm reading Julia Baird's 'Phosphorescent', all about the life enhancing effects of 'awe and wonder', and much as i don't go for catchphrases like that I have to say that the daily sight of pre-sunrise over the lock, sunsets, the river and birds, the moon and stars in a clear sky, surprise sightings of kangaroos, stumpies, even foxes have kept my spirits buoyed through these past four months.

and then there's the garden . . .

i'm waiting to see if these overcrowded irises flower, it looks as though they will - i planted them in the old bath so i could identify the ones i'll take with me when i leave.  they've multiplied so much just in one year.

Freesias are out all over the place - a yearly pleasure

this pigface is growing over the road amongst the saltbush

Besides the 'awe and wonder' factor of living here,  knitting is also keeping me sane.  there's something about the repetitive meditative quality of producing  useful garments in wool that's very grounding and satisfying.

and then there are the constant visitors, this magpie and 
two others have recently arrived (or returned) and they're
quite tame. this one landed about 1 metre from my head
as i read in the sun on the verandah.   the bee below was
on a table outside where i was also reading, he was very 
busy doing something but i couldn't figure out what it was.

Thursday, 2 September 2021


WITH MY ARM IN A SLING, a dead laptop and lockdown this blog has been completely put on the back burner.  So here's an update since my return from down south in july. 

my flight got me home before midnight deadline for Victoria's fifth snap lockdown, announced while i was on the bus to tullamarine.

My shoulder was feeling really good then suddenly one evening, arm in sling, i reached with left hand over my right shoulder to switch on a light and 'crunch' - something happened to my collarbone and the plate, something dislodged.

So now after waiting a few weeks to see if the new fracture, yes new fracture would heal i now have to go back and have another longer plate inserted.   It's really hard to know what to do stuck at home and in a sling for weeks and weeks.   one week to go till surgery.

lovely flowers from jenny

EVERYTHING AT HOME is as it should be though - the river, wildlife, sunsets and moonrises are all gorgeous and keeping me sane.   the birds and arrival of spring keep me occupied every minute of the day.

a new visitor - one of three magpies that have arrived here,  they
seem very used to people and come over whenever i'm outside.

 GREAT TO SEE -  Etta now has a bike seat and her own helmet, so great that during lockdown they can all go on a bike ride together

no words necessary

                    LOCKDOWN COOKING - Mum's lemon delicious,                                       my tree is just laden with lemons that need using up

spring in the garden

I'VE STARTED a series of left handed self portraits, just a couple of hours then moving on to the next one

the birds are a daily pleasure

this fella strolled across the front lawn while i was on the phone in the lounge room.   i grabbed the camera and ran out the back to follow his progress.   i was behind a bush and spotted him sneakily frozen behind his own bush.   we both thought we were hiding from each - but no!

THE RIVER and skies and the moonrises have been superb

NOW WE'RE UP TO DATE - this morning i went for a one hour walk for the first time in ages.  around the garden, over the road, through the saltbush, thru the cemetery and around the golf course, returning via lock 10 and the pelicans

these bad boys were hard at work chewing on the electric cables that power the work shed that belongs to the Wentworth golf course!   

Once i knew i was going back
for more surgery and 6 more
weeks in a sling I went online
to buy some 
tops and bottoms.   and of
course i couldn't help getting
a present or two for 
my feet