Saturday, 12 January 2019


IT'S EARLY SATURDAY, 5.45 and already warm. i've got a weekend workshop on here this weekend, eco dyeing and it's going to be 43deg.   i have one of the participants in the airbnb for three nights, drop her at the airport monday, come back and fix the room up again for the next people, then head down to melbourne on tuesday for the rest of the week.   the airbnb people will arrive while i'm away - i only realised that yesterday so yes, i'm busy busy.
meanwhile the river rolls by and the birds continue about their business :0)

morning walk towards the lock

last night on the riverbank with nina, my guest after a hot hot day

Tuesday, 8 January 2019


Last night i was sitting watching tv and realised the room had a pinkish glow, turned round and behind me the sky was iridescent, more than iridescent.  i've never seen such a brilliant sunset, so bright that my camera just couldn't register it, but here's an idea of what it was like.

Sunday, 6 January 2019


AS I WRITE i can hear the young kingfisher outside wanting food -  brrr brrr brrrr?    that's what it sounds like.  it's interesting to live here and recognise not only the different birdcalls but in each species, calls and songs for different things.  there are a lot of young birds around at present, willy wagtails, little friarbirds, grass parrots, spine cheeked and white plumed honeyeaters, kookaburras...   the weather has been stinking hot, 46 two days ago and the birdbaths were busy all day. 

it's always lovely to look outside and see a houseboat gliding past

yesterday was cool and breezy after two weeks from mid 30s to mid 40s.  and this morning i'm in bed now with my plush dressing gown on, it's divine :0)

pics from the birdbaths, 
i installed one outside the kitchen window under the trees and it's been a real hit

this lovely little grass parrot just lay with wings spread out and eyes shut, under the birdbath and trees on the 46deg day, i'm amazed the birds come through that weather

the young little friarbird just lives around this birdbath

the willy wagtails are such feisty little birds

i'm still working on my painting commission and finished fossey's gin label artwork of saltbush.

when the commission is finished i'll feel like i'm on holidays.  it's been a daily job now for 2 months.   nearly done 😊    since the hot weather i've moved the easel into the dining room under the cooler vent and it's been a really nice place to work with a view up to the lock

i have new airbnb people here, they have two kayaks and the weather looks perfect today, blue sky, no wind and expected to be warm. i think their stay will be good

this eerie sunrise was on the 46 deg morning

the sunset was equally strange

Tuesday, 1 January 2019


JANUARY 1 - a whole new year and goodbye to 2018 which was good for me but not so hot worldwide, here's hoping things pick up this year and let's get a decent federal government and a leader we can respect please!
the christmas bbq last week - pic by rob biggs
LAST WEEK was hot hot hot!!  40-45 four days in a row and it's still in the high 30's.  the birds are amazing, i don't know how they survive out there, but they were in and out of the birdbaths all day.

my airbnb guests from england handled the weather really well, spending lots of time out on the verandah with the fan on, having barbecues, going for early morning walks and playing in the wading pool with their very sweet 4mth old son.  they did leave three days early because they had a friend's empty house to go to but i really enjoyed having them around the house for four days, a baby's voice every now and then was a delight.

i had christmas on my own surrounded by lobster claws, seafood and pudding, icecream and berries.  in the heat i decided to move my current painting project inside and ended up painting for four hours before indulging in all my goodies and watching 'scrooged' with bill murray.  i really enjoyed my quiet christmas.
new lights around the verandah - i love em

christmas morning walk along the darling
early morning row for the rowing club members

christmas angel on the footpath

this week has just been painting and painting, this work has a lot of small detail and needs to be finished and framed by the 9th.  eek!  the framer's already making the frame.

The sunsets and moon continue . . . gorgeous as ever

last night i celebrated new year's eve on the riverbank at sunset with sue and derek.  after rain and 36 deg it's been really humid but by 7 it was lovely sitting down there. no mozzies either. and a visit from a night heron that appeared here yesterday afternoon.

a beautiful visitor - the nankeen night heron

Sunday, 23 December 2018


PAINTING PAINTING and having trouble.  not quite working, needs something . . .
also getting ready for my airbnb guests who arrive today, having christmas here and suffering temperatures in the 40's if they stay the full week they've booked.   i'm letting them go early with a refund if they need it,  with a 4 mth old baby it could be pretty tough :0(

A wonderful week of decorating and watching birds in the birdbaths.  also a full moon to top it all off :0)

a quiet christmas day for me. i've caught up with everyone, phone calls with men friends, lunch with martin, phone calls with sunny and rene, saw everyone in geelong and torquay so i'm just being here at christmas, eating all my favorite things and hoping my guests enjoy their day.

 the fabulous darter

it's been a week
of nice weather -
no more rain
but no wind
 little friarbird

on another
for fossey's
gin labels
- this one's
old man

 the sacred
kingfishers have
a young one
and i can hear
them all day

peaceful dove, such a pretty little bird
 new lights for christmas