Saturday, 30 May 2015


 here in wentworth there
 are lanes all around 
the town.
i walked home from my
 schoolroom studio
 yesterday via a long lane,
 collecting leaves


Thursday, 28 May 2015



THE ROOM opens 
onto a large verandah, there'll be a bbq there
 for outdoor cooking.
   the laundry
cabinet can be
 used for dishes as 
well as washing

I just bought these can chairs,
both have cushions, they'll
go down on the riverbank
for visitors to sit and enjoy
the Murray.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015


WHOO HOO  i walked out yesterday afternoon to clean paintbrushes and there on the ground were the two rugs i ordered online.  and they're perfect, the colour's even better than i hoped. :0)
Still feeling not 100% but finished painting all the doors yesterday afternoon.

Did my first
 morning walk
 on the island
 in about
 two weeks

Tuesday, 26 May 2015


AFTER alan and meryl left monday morning i just fell in a bit of  a heap.  I think i'm still getting over that bug, so i took it easy.  the locksmith came and put a lock on the new room, another baby step :0)
More painting today, maybe it'll get finished.

AND i'm patiently waiting for the rugs to arrive for the new room, then i can really start setting it up :0)

Lunch with donnie and ruth down by the murray on a lovely sunny day was a tonic in the middle of the day.

Monday, 25 May 2015


ALAN and MERYL are passing thru on their way home to darwin after about three months of travelling round NSW and victoria visiting friends and camping.  They've been here for the weekend and Helen called in yesterday after rowing for brekky on the riverbank.

A nice weekend of scrabble, bbq's, crosswords, eating drinking and generally enjoying fabulous autumn weather.

 aboriginal ring tree,
the branches have
been grafted into 
a circle as a sign
to other tribes that
they can hunt
and fish at this
spot.  apparently
they're all along the
riverbank on my
side, this one's
just over the
magnificent monsters - and a tree :0)

Sunday, 24 May 2015


CAL IS 2 !!


ALAN and MERYL are here 
for two nights on their way 
home to Darwin.  
bbq on the riverbank :0)
The wood's almost
too beautiful to burn


THE COLOURS HERE are spectacular, autumn in sunraysia is really beautiful

Saturday, 23 May 2015


THE BACK ROOM is looking big and light and fresh, almost finished, the toilet's done, now the doors and i'm finished. it's 6.30 so i'm getting up and doing a couple of hours before i meet a friend for coffee at 11.

New washing machine's installed and working beautifully, solar hot water's working again after a visit from the sparkie and wonderful friend and neighbour sam cross and his property manager justin came over to try to solve my ancient 'leak' problem in the garden. they found a tap dripping once they took the hoses off, replaced it and maybe, just maybe it's solved the problem.  i'm keeping an eye on the pump over the weekend.   People here are very helpful and kind.

Alan and Meryl are in Mildura so today, Saturday, i'm meeting them at the mildura field day. i've never been to a field day before so there'll be pics tonight. they'll stay, don't know how long but it's always good to have them here.

was on thursday, lunch
was at 27 Deakin and 
her husband peter 
organised beautiful
flowers on the table.

Thursday, 21 May 2015


 VERY HAPPY to sign off on the completed pages of 'Where's Jessie'  the  book Janeen Brian and I are doing with the National Library of  Australia


I'VE BEEN NEGLECTING my poor blog but i have been sick so that's my excuse.  the weekend was superb so i got out and trimmed all my plants, very satisfying. the garden is starting to take shape.

then on monday helen and don came up for a couple of days, one in mildura when i went in and met helen for dinner, and last night they came here for a barbie on the river bank and scrabble of course.  I did get a nice pic of them on the riverbank but my camera decided that it was a non-pic, it simply didn't come up on the computer as even existing  :0(   

Yesterday and the 
day before i spent painting the spare 
room, i worked 
from 12 to 8 pm yesterday, bedroom, toilet and little ante 
room all done, one 
more coat this 
morning then gloss 
on the doors and 
window.  it's going 
to look so fresh 
and feels much 

very happy, this 
room has such a good
view of the river and
a large verandah 
attached, i want
to use it as a rental.

      mad max

went to see the new
version Fury Road on
saturday.  WOW it's
just an eye-popping
heart stopping ride
from start to finish,
visually amazing, so
much to look at, 
crazy cars (designers
must have had a
ball) stunning desert
landscape and action
plus, it was exhausting
and fun



here in the
district is 
just gorgeous
- lots of red,
but the vines
are the 
richest gold
colour and
the weather
is perfect


Saturday, 16 May 2015


JUST BACK from my first trip into town for days - it's gorgeous outside and the last of the autumn leaves are hanging on and glowing against the sky