Thursday, 21 May 2015


I'VE BEEN NEGLECTING my poor blog but i have been sick so that's my excuse.  the weekend was superb so i got out and trimmed all my plants, very satisfying. the garden is starting to take shape.

then on monday helen and don came up for a couple of days, one in mildura when i went in and met helen for dinner, and last night they came here for a barbie on the river bank and scrabble of course.  I did get a nice pic of them on the riverbank but my camera decided that it was a non-pic, it simply didn't come up on the computer as even existing  :0(   

Yesterday and the 
day before i spent painting the spare 
room, i worked 
from 12 to 8 pm yesterday, bedroom, toilet and little ante 
room all done, one 
more coat this 
morning then gloss 
on the doors and 
window.  it's going 
to look so fresh 
and feels much 

very happy, this 
room has such a good
view of the river and
a large verandah 
attached, i want
to use it as a rental.

      mad max

went to see the new
version Fury Road on
saturday.  WOW it's
just an eye-popping
heart stopping ride
from start to finish,
visually amazing, so
much to look at, 
crazy cars (designers
must have had a
ball) stunning desert
landscape and action
plus, it was exhausting
and fun



here in the
district is 
just gorgeous
- lots of red,
but the vines
are the 
richest gold
colour and
the weather
is perfect


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