Monday, 31 July 2017


at the river house :0)  petanque, celebrity heads, scrabble, food n drinks, a walk to the lock and time to choose a plot at the wenty cemetery,   a fun day

some fine
styles from the
my finest moment

weather was 
perfect, warm
and no wind
after yesterday's

Saturday, 29 July 2017


AFTER MANY LOVELY STILL DAYS, today was extra warm  -  27 deg but dirty sky and strong blustery winds, not nice.  and yet there are the ruby leaves still hanging on the ornamental grapevine in late winter.  it's all topsy turvy


THE GRANDCHERUBS - they're growing so fast and i'm not there. so sad and a huge frustration

with mr. nagasawa who has an old old family business and who makes
beautiful custom bike frames

Friday, 28 July 2017


BETTER GET THIS HOUSE IN ORDER - i have a games day planned here on sunday - scrabble, petanque, celebrity heads, maybe greed. or cards.  food, drink and a film.  some tidying up to be done.

this is one of the most recent leaf dyeings i've done.   there are now nine people signed up for mahdi's workshop here at the end of august, and i have eight people coming in october for the illustrators weekend, so pressure is off with advertising :0)    now i can concentrate on trinity bay and my visit there on august 9.

LAST NIGHT - always a gorgeous sunset to be seen

Thursday, 27 July 2017


AROUND with the book - i feel as though i haven't worked unless i see something on the page in front of me, but actually i am tossing ideas around, applied for a residency at varuna to do the final work on this text of jackie's early next year, and have been editing photos of old letters that i want to photoshop behind artwork. baby steps :0)

left - ideas happening for the title page

Tuesday, 25 July 2017


COMING ACROSS THE CEMETERY yesterday morning i saw the sun hitting a very small jesus on a gravestone -  a large stone cross with a tiny white figure just catching the light.  never seen it before, it's quite moving, and he has only a cobweb for a right arm :-(

considering its size
the work is lovely 
- delicately carved

I'm collecting 
artificial flowers 
that have blown
off the graves in
the cemetery,
only the ones
that get stuck
in the boundary
fence.  i think
they'll become
part of an
artwork some
time in the
 (going forward :0)

Sunday, 23 July 2017


stacked up high on top of the last trailer load sam brought me. this time we all went out into their land while sam sawed up some fallen trees. we all stacked it in the trailer and unloaded here at home, as a result today my back is a bit cactus :0\
So wonderful to have such a stockpile, i'm sitting in front of a blazing fire and the house is warm

Saturday, 22 July 2017


great to have
DEBORAH KLEIN out for dinner during her residency. it's such an opportunity to meet wonderful artists when they come to work at the art vault.


we photographed each other using the flas from a distance which gives these pics a somewhat strange atmosphere


I'VE BEEN UP RIVER  -  sam and di invited me to their house near lock 9, right on the murray on around 800 acres of land

it was nice to see
my current airbnb
guest john enjoying
the riverbank,
practising his
guitar in the
morning before
i left

after doing a photo shoot with marg in the morning, i headed out to di's to re-photograph some of her dad's beautiful old letters from WWll era.
photographing marg whyte for an exhibition of 'women of the river' that is being
put together.  nothing to do with me, i'm just taking a pic of marg for them

Came home and packed for an overnighter at Lucerne Day, a corrugated iron clad home that sam and di moved from it's original position on the land,  raised it onto a second storey level and added a wide deck that looks on to the murray.

it's such a relaxing place, you can feel the rest of the world slip away as you arrive.

and we came home with a tray full of redgum that sam sawed up for me   -  so kind :0)    it was a lovely night - felt more like a full weekend, no wifi, no phone and no telly
sam sawing up fallen trees - there's enough wood lying on the ground to keep us all going for decades