Sunday, 2 July 2017

the THE-ARTRE dahling

BEAUTIFUL MELBOURNE - stayed with vicki in sth melbourne and spent the morning at the market, lovely walking around that part of the city

LAST NIGHT sunny and i went to see The Haunting, a play at the athenaeum starring GIG CLARKE and cameron daddo.   darling gig was my model for davy in Jenny Angel - he is the son of illustrator and author liz honey and andrew clarke, and we did a photo shoot at their home in about 1998.

now here he is, a grown up professional actor - what a buzz to see him on stage with 2/3 of the dialogue in a two hander with cameron daddo - i think he's made for the screen and look forward to seeing more of him.  he's been in an episode of Rake already :0)

it was a lovely night, tram ride in, champers out on the footpath watching people arriving, the play, staged in the beautifully classic old athenaeum theatre, then creme brulee and pear tarte afterwards in the gorgeous little french restaurante attached to the theatre - biscot d'orsay? 

 not an exciting food
photo but it shows
the excellent toffee
to custard ratio of
the creme brulee,
normal bowl size
:0)   YUM!

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