Thursday, 25 April 2019


IT'S ANZAC MORNING and i slept in  -  had intended to go to the dawn service but woke up at 6.30.  it's been a week of visitors and work, but nothing income producing, well not much.  i decided to go in the Junction Junk day of garage sales on easter sunday. i have so much stuff that's accumulated in the 6 years since i moved here so i had heaps to sell.  it took days of sorting then a full day of setting up, another full day to pack up and yesterday a trip into mildura to drop off the heaps that was left, all for a measly $245.  not worth the time it took up when i could have been spending time with sunny and luke, and alan and meryl.   wont' do it again.
with mary bassi who brought her stuff over to my place for the day

the weather was fine, not as good as last week with gail and ian, but warm and breezy.

alan and meryl arrived wed night so we did the twilight cruise, a good as ever.
and we had the bonus
of the full easter moon
rising as we boarded
on the darling river

sunny and luke arrived friday evening. we had barbecues, lit the fires on the riverbank, i mixed a cocktail or two.   it was a relaxed easter for everyone but me.   on the bright side i have cleared out a stack of stuff. i just would've loved more time with

the yellow rosellas are back, gorgeous things.

beautiful reflections from
the lock this week as
the moon rises

it was a beautiful sunrise yesterday, i was up early on the trip to mildura to drop my stuff at the op shop

i'm very happy with this review from the
herald sun last weekend, first one i've seen

Wednesday, 17 April 2019


MY MAC computer cable died and rather than spending $75 on a new one in town, i ordered one at $23 from china, post free.  so i had to wait a week but it's been a nice holiday from always checking things on the computer.  no work on books either without all the photo reference on the laptop.

morning walk through the cemetery

love these butcher birds

so i've been sorting and tidying up for easter after a lovely four day visit from gail and ian.  lots of time sitting outside in perfect autumn weather, warm and no wind, soft light and no big plans.  lovely to have them here :0)

 photos by ian:
a walk on the island
and after a lazy day
scrabble, cocktails 
and a movie :0)

We took the twilight cruise up the
darling river on
a beautiful evening

greg and julia evans strutting their stuff on the last half hour of the trip - they're
great, professional and fun

a special cocktail - murray/darling
sunset, gin, a splash of tonic, blood
plum jus and kaffir lime leaf, mmm

now i'm knee deep in clothes, electrical good, jewellery and bric a brac for my garage sale stall on Junction Junk day, easter sunday.

galah on the riverbank here yesterday morning

the morning sunrises have been gorgeous, autumn is the best