Saturday, 31 October 2015


SUDDENLY it's the Australian Print Triennial weekend and i haven't blogged since's been full on and it's not over yet. so many great print-makers in town from sydney, melbourne, all over.  great sessions, inspiring speakers, a good cross section of makers, gallery owners, academics - and the whole program has run seamlessly.

i've just been driving in and leaving my car, jumping on the bus provided and going where it takes me, all the sessions are consecutive so no decisions necessary.  just sit back and enjoy :0)  photos to come - i've got my moon boot-free foot up on a saturday night and i'm going to watch fargo

   FRIDAY - WORKSHOPS in the morning, talks in the afternoon at Sunitafe 

   Friday morning workshop - photogravure with silvi glattauer

    afternoon talks then the announcement of the winners of the Print Prize
   reg mombassa (centre) spoke and played later with his brother 
   in their band Dog Trumpet
                       me 'n' rona green

  SATURDAY - into the art vault again and on the magic bus to the arts centre to      begin another day of great activities
    art vault treasures sonja, mia and robert with damon kowarsky

    robyn archer, who sang at the end of her keynote speech - brought tears to
    my eyes  -  with ex De medici and anne someone - i haven't got her name         but she's worked with ex 

                                   a rare glimpse of martin's talk
                              between two big heads in front of me

    damon and kyoko

    sasha grishin, jazmina cininas and deborah klein - human easels for 
    geoffrey ricardo

    SUNDAY  - talks in the morning then a long leisurely lunch on the rolling lawns at julie and kevin's place, fabulous food and lots of great people

                     the sensational stylings of stuart purves - handmade
                     shoes and beautiful handmade brooch

penny byrne belying her years

me and martin - giving him tips for his approaching fleeting visit to istanbul

                 printmaker and sculptor, painter too  Geoffrey Ricardo and Heidi,  they came out
                 to visit me at home too

                             Dog Trumpet played and various artists, printmakers and guests
                             got up to play too.   here's martin with jazmina cininas

    excitement, these two were on the lawn when i got home, mother and young one, a new arrival and
    i'm really excited to have a whole family here

Thursday, 29 October 2015


LOTS TO DO TODAY   i had to install my artist's book in the white cube (30cm perspex display cube) at 27 Deakin cafe today.   as i was gathering the things i needed i got a text to say the dates were wrong and i had to install it next week !!   i was angry as the only reason i'd booked it in was to coincide with the Australian Print Triennial which is on this weekend.  a phone call and a couple of texts and the current artist kindly allowed me to install today.  phew!

also picked up my car which now has a brand new bumper thanks to the insurance of the man who ran into me. that involved taking the snappy white pulsar back to hertz (at mildura airport) and picking up my toyota, it looks great :0)

I went to see Bridge of Spies - a really good movie, interesting true story set in the cold war, well told by steven spielberg.

the moon continues to be gorgeous :0)


A DAY OF PRINTING  some good, some bad but good to experiment. then scrabble with marg in the afternoon,  she with a broken elbow in a sling, me with my crook foot  :0)

i really like the plates before they're printed, this 
print didn't work, but i like the image

Tuesday, 27 October 2015


I DID AN IMAGE today that i was pleased with but when it printed there wasn't much ink in it, no dense blacks.  i don't know if i wiped it too much or it's too warm to print.  felt ok to me   :0\      try again tomorrow

It's a full moon tonight, just gorgeous as it came up gold in a pale pink sky - you just can't capture that on film.


Monday, 26 October 2015


The Bitter Tea of
General Yen -
haven't seen it
for years.  Good
old apple TV

haven't seen it for years, good old appleTV

Sunday, 25 October 2015


I WAS WORKING INSIDE today and could here strange bird noises outside,  the more i listened i decided it was magpies, maybe babies.  I looked out the window and there was the goanna strolling across the front yard, two magpies dogging his footsteps, flapping and charging him.   he just kept right on going, not fussed at all.   there must be a nest nearby, i'll keep an eye out for it.


SATURDAY was a day held by the Sunraysia Inspired Photographers - they invited Susan Gordon-Brown to come up from Melbourne to give us a workshop in environmental portraiture - i.e. portraits that show, in the surrounds, some of the life of the person being photographed.  In their own environment.
it was really useful, a morning of susan showing us her work and talking about how she meets people and relaxes them into the moment of taking the photos, then a prac afternoon of us all photographing each other and editing them together onscreen.
we'll be holding an exhibition of black and white portraits next year so this is all working towards that.  unfortunately susan's deleted all my pics from my card when she downloaded them onto her computer so i'll see if she can send them to me

Friday, 23 October 2015




YESTERDAY i  had lunch with donnie and di, a late birthday lunch after getting my moon boot. i feel very awkward in that boot, it's easy to overbalance because it kind of rolls forward and to the side.  i guess in a day or two i'll master it but getting up out of a chair or walking down steps is really difficult because it's rigid right up to the knee. I'll see how i go   :0{

still plenty of
gorgeous flowers
in the garden -
the red
hippeastrums are
out in force and
the jacobean
lilies too, must
get pics

Thursday, 22 October 2015

I GOT A MOON BOOT for my crook foot today - later, looking out the window at home i see two big goannas, nose to nose looking like (sorry for the anthropomorphising but) like they were experiencing an electric kiss, vibrating - it was amazing, a shock and a thrill. 
camera!   moon boot!  aghh!   i made it clumsily up the steps and across the room and grabbed my camera and they were gone.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015


AS I LOOK through page after page of photos of rudolf nureyev and margot fonteyn i find fascinating pics - i always love candid photos of people we see in films - here's grace kelly, princess grace meeting rudi - with david niven leering in the background

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

A LOVELY FOUR DAY WEEKEND . . . with a nurse :0)

what a lovely time we've had, no pressure, plenty of time from midday friday (me spending the morning hobbling painfully to the doc and the crutches place first) to 6 last night as sunny headed home on a late flight.  she was such a help over the weekend and my foot's so much better than i thought it would be a couple of days back.  my birthday today -i'm keeping the foot up all day, pride and prejudice on the couch (my gift from sunny :0) and drawing.
hope the builder doesn't turn up.