Friday, 31 July 2015


- i really enjoyed my day on the couch yesterday, after the dentist i really didn't feel 100%, all that time with my mouth open and a very numb face. so i just concentrated on sending off my grant application (it always takes so much checking and double checking, sizing and resizing pics etc) but it's done.

Roland Harvey's in town, he didn't tell me he was coming so i didn't see him yesterday so today we're spending the day touring around Wentworth. after this gorgeous foggy start to the day it will be perfect for walking out on the island, looking at the river etc.

Thursday, 30 July 2015


A MORNING SPENT IN THE DENTIST'S CHAIR, two hours getting three teeth done :0(     but he's an artist and he's created a whole new tooth where i was told i'd need an implant  which would've cost $7000 .   i'm most impressed but the day ended there,  i just came home and slumped.

BUT it's a full moon
- a blue moon and 
that's always good. and tomorrow i'm spending the day with roland harvey who's
 in town researching for a book on the 
murray. looking forward to that


TODAY  -  work on the book, a long walk to the newsagent thru the golf course (without the camera)  and home to see Jim Pavlidis and Robert Hague, currently in residence at the 
     Art Vault.  

I had a lovely afternoon with robert and his wife danni and sweet boys miles and jackson.  they came out with jim (artist at the age who i know from court sketching days).  after agonising at the shop about what to get for the boys and us to eat and settling on a simple packet of kingstons, the boys surprised me by wanting a carrot each - which i had  :0)     of course the bickies were all scoffed too

whoops  i'm wearing a rubber band as a bracelet,  hard times

when you don't have a tripod . . .

love this shot of miles - they all headed 
off to the perry sandhills after my place

Tuesday, 28 July 2015


 TODAY i feel i'm really
starting my book,
i'm redoing the storyboard and it's working.
  i've spent a really good day doing a lot of different things and the feeling of having my head full and not being able to concentrate on any one thing is gone.   the creative process,  what a pain it can be.  but i'm not stuck 
any more :0)

i put the beautiful jacket i bought in osaka together with my wedding dress today, they're gorgeous.  inspiring

drawings for the new storyboard

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this morning was gorgeous, in fact the whole day was -  still and sunny, the river full of clear reflections, i went for a long walk to get the paper, through the golfcourse taking time to get lots of pics and to listen to the beautiful sound of the butcher birds, they were in full song today

the pond on the golfcourse

    what a sensational tree

    the butcher bird,  they sing like angels

my lorraine lee rose,  a huge climber that's about 15 ft high and 20 ft wide.  
i wish it was growingall over my verandah instead of behind the shed

Sunday, 26 July 2015


FRIDAY i finished my flat pack cupboard,  all good, the doors are a few mm's out of whack as i suspected they would be, but it's ok.

vicki shared a link with me, great illustrators doing grimm's fairy tales.  my favorite illustrator lizbeth zwerger and wonderful  italian illustrator mattotti

zwerger (top) has a beautiful minimalist approach to watercolour,  mattotti's incredibly confident ink brushwork leaves me gobsmacked 

I'm thinking this gorgeous girl - Holly from Artback Cafe - 
could be my swan queen

early spring on the road to mildura

Thursday, 23 July 2015


IT WAS WARM TODAY - and i spent a lot of the day outdoors.  I got a great commission to do an edition of prints for a local business.  Very happy with that.
The afternoon was spent doing a flier for my upcoming fabric dying workshop and putting together the cupboard for the spare room, it's half done.

my lorraine lee rose is about 20 ft high, completely wild and untameable.
it's a shame it's not nearer the house rather than right down behind the print studio hanging over into the saltbush.   there was a lovely sky tonight at sunset

Wednesday, 22 July 2015


I'm sitting on the verandah as the sun disappears over the print studio, it's beautiful sitting here looking at the river, still and full of shimmering reflections of the opposite bank with the late sun on it.    No, i'm not going to get the camera to take a photo, i'm sitting here just soaking it up :-)

TODAY, another flatpack to put together, after this glass of sparkly i'm going inside  to start.

WALKED TO GET THE PAPER this afternoon 
and came back through the cemetery and 
the saltbush opposite my house

the cormorants are here 
in huge numbers, great 
flocks of them swim up 
the river following 
schools of fish

the pool's shut for the season :0)

tracks opposite my place, that's my groceries sitting 
there.   a yeti?    or maybe a big kanga