Wednesday, 22 July 2015


I'm sitting on the verandah as the sun disappears over the print studio, it's beautiful sitting here looking at the river, still and full of shimmering reflections of the opposite bank with the late sun on it.    No, i'm not going to get the camera to take a photo, i'm sitting here just soaking it up :-)

TODAY, another flatpack to put together, after this glass of sparkly i'm going inside  to start.

WALKED TO GET THE PAPER this afternoon 
and came back through the cemetery and 
the saltbush opposite my house

the cormorants are here 
in huge numbers, great 
flocks of them swim up 
the river following 
schools of fish

the pool's shut for the season :0)

tracks opposite my place, that's my groceries sitting 
there.   a yeti?    or maybe a big kanga 

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