Saturday, 31 December 2016


sam burke and her mum annette and nephew ethan dropped in to choose some artwork in return for the yoga lessons i did last\ year. we had a gin and tonic on the verandah on a warm lovely evening.
as i sit in bed and write this the curtains are blowing in on a beautiful breeze,
 it's going to be 30 and looks like a gorgeous day for
 new year's eve


AFTER THE FLOOD PEAK on november 24 the river has dropped far more quickly than anyone predicted causing problems with pumps up and down the bank.  my wooden barriers have collapsed as the bank has been washed away, i've lost about 1/2 metre. and this tree next door has fallen - already dead and it's resulted in getting rid of a black pointy branch that always interfered with the view of the lock :0)   silver lining

Friday, 30 December 2016


THE HUMIDITY is incredible, dripping weather just like bali.   at least  there was breeze so i just opened up the house but i'm glad that today the humidity has dropped and it's only going to be 30.
Erica and Craig headed off yesterday, how lovely it was having them here.  Fun.
beautiful sunup yesterday

a mock up for the
cover of swan lake.
i really love this,
hope it gets used.

Thursday, 29 December 2016


IT'S BEEN LOVELY having erica and craig here for the last couple of days.  the weather's been pretty awful, stinking hot and really windy although yesterday it was nice to just open up all the windows and doors and let the wind through the house. 

erica and i got a lot of final things done on 'swan lake', exciting to see it coming together as a book.

it's been a relaxed couple of days
with wonderful company :0)

TODAY - still again but incredibly oppressive humidity leading to expected big rains and thunderstorms this afternoon

Tuesday, 27 December 2016


YESTERDAY we had a leisurely day in cooler weather, a walk to the lake, more scrabble.  sunny headed back on the afternoon train, i drove home in beautiful light rain to kick back last night with some christmas telly.  then i realised these little frogs were appearing all over the windows, and on further investigation, wherever there was light there was a wall covered in frogs.  i think they're emerald spotted tree frogs, fairly young and coming out in the first rain for a few weeks.  all gone this morning


  leaving to travel down, lake hawthorn mildura - alive with swans
A WIMMERA CHRISTMAS - lovely drive through swaying wheatfields and blue skies to the grampians to have christmas with helen and don.

sunny came up from melbourne on the train (thanks v-line for cancelling the coach from ararat to stawell). a lovely big family table, great food, scrabble, talk, fun - just perfect.


lovely to see niece claire happily 7mths pregnant

Friday, 23 December 2016


the garden still looks cool despite the fact that my
pump is off being pulled apart and repaired, no
watering over the past few days.  all due to
the sudden dropping of the river. hopefully it'll be
back today and i'll give everything a good drink
before i leave tomorrow
WE CAN'T COMPLAIN about the weather over the past weeks, it's been gorgeous, high 20's, balmy, no wind, perfect for sitting outside and enjoying christmas company.

my lady sculpture's
looking good in
this morning light

now it's going to be getting seriously hot, 39 today and 40 tomorrow, i'll be travelling south to the grampians but it'll still be at least 38 there :0(

yesterday was Fossey's Gin's first public evening - four different gin flavours available already, my artwork on the walls and on the labels.
steve timmis, the man behind the label

friend rob and my illustrations on the wall


Thursday, 22 December 2016


LOOKING LOOKING at this lovely dress i've been commissioned to draw. easel is set up, dress is arranged and i know it well now after looking and playing for a week. i think i'll start today


CHRISTMAS CATCH-UP - nice to have friends over, also the ladies from the visitors' centre came and shared a champers and had a look at my airbnb.