Saturday, 17 December 2016


the river is dropping steadily, the weir is
re-emerging and the floodline is visible on the opposite bank


i visited the art vault and caught up with martin who's on residency here - this beautiful book of thornton walker's work was there so i bought it,  it's his printing press that is now here at riverbank press


another gorgeous sunset

                     and another full moon

my little tree is lit  -
it's feeling like christmas

i was privileged and moved to attend the graduation of the Mildura English Language Centres student graduation.  A lot of these students visited me on the river for a workshop with eucalyptus leaf dyeing a couple of weeks back.  I was so impressed by their dedication to their own      education, their sense of dutry to their families who have endured  so much heartache through separation, loss and the challenges of  migrating to a new country.   in a year they have all gone from having no english to each being able to give a speech about their experiences, hopes and ambitions.  it was a heartwarming morning


LAST NIGHT the rowing club had its xmas bbq, i dropped down for a short visit and watched the fun races, lots of santa hats


i've been asked to do a large drawing of this lovely wedding dress, it's made of de-lustred satin with french lace, beautifully made by the bride's mother twenty five years ago.

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