Friday, 31 May 2013


THERE'S A STORM outside as i write, lightning over the river and a huge dump of rain. so heavy that i 've just had a sploshing in the lounge room, a big leak that dropped water all over a huge stack of books i had sitting on the floor.
why were the books on the floor?    because i had to pull them out of the bookshelves
to pull out the electric plug, in fact i had to pull all the plugs out all over the house earlier in the day because the power went off, all except the lights so i knew it wasn't
a general power failure.  i pulled all the plugs out on the sparkie's phone instructions trying to track down the cause.   local sparkie craig came out today while i was out, but he hasn't
solved the mystery yet, so i'm sitting here with extension cords all over the place, operating off the few power points that are working.
ooh - here comes the rain again,  i think that leak was a buildup of water on the flat
roof over this living area, it was so heavy i don't think it could drain off the roof quick enough.   guess i'll be looking for a plumber now    SIGH!

GOD it's bucketing down now - i'll be too scared to go to bed in case i find the lounge room has turned into a swimming pool overnight.


on the way into mildura today,  this field looks amazing when you see the whole 
thing from the road.   just 100's and 100's and 100's of pumpkins 

late this evening - a bit dark to be taking pics
not a very good shot, but i loved the fact that it's a mother with it's baby pelly


TESTING TESTING -  hope this works


I spent most of yesterday sitting at my desk getting the dummy book together for my current project. it's so good to sit and look out onto the river, the pelicans don't seem at all conscious of the rain, happily gliding by or zooming in for a landing.

Thursday, 30 May 2013


 I WOKE THIS MORNING at 5 a.m. to the sound of rain.   it was so good i rolled over and went back to sleep.   it hasn't stopped all day.
working at my desk looking out onto the river is 10 times better when its bucketing down. it's  been
a lovely restful productive day.

and all my new as yet unplanted shrubs and trees are lovin' it too

Wednesday, 29 May 2013


SISTER JENNY sent me this uber cute eggcup, complete with a soldier cutter. 

boiled egg-spertly to perfection of course

young darter - chest feathers still fluffy

Tuesday, 28 May 2013



 What an amazing bird,  he's down on the fallen trees every day - i can't walk away without taking more pics.

THE SKY TONIGHT - nothing more to say

ANNIE LAMB -  local identity, at the Royal Hotel tonight.  annie is alway dressed to the nines, totally co-ordinated in fabulous colour and sweeping style, intricate matching nails and accessories.    showing us all that living in a tiny town doesn't have to cramp your style


and round and round and round and round . . .


]AUTUMN IN SUNRAYSIA is beautiful, later than melbourne but the trees are just glorious and this morning there was mist on the river and over the road amongst the trees. i must get up early tomorrow and get some good river shots


just slipping in a couple of baby shots :0)   still no name, bu the hand belongs to rene and sayaka's good friend rob who visited yesterday

pics taken on the way home from mildura yesterday, can there be enough people in australia to eat all these pumpkins??

Sunday, 26 May 2013


NON-STOP GARDENING this weekend.   after buying the persimmon and a carload of native plants what else was i going to do?    apart from bombarding everybody with baby photos and yes, there are more to come.

five hours of digging holes and planting yesterday and six hours today means that i am in bed now and hardly able to move.  feels good though.

looking up past the lock at sunset tonight, i sat out on the river 
bank,with a glass of wine and watched the reflected sunset.   
those are all pelicans up in those trees - i didn't realise they 
perch so high up.

ah yes, the previous photo was just a ploy to guide you into yet more baby shots :0)

RENE was telling me that the hospital staff wrote little red's name on his leg -  i didn't expect it to be quite so decorative

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Friday, 24 May 2013


I went out to buy a persimmon . . .

and look what

i decided to plant a persimmon to mark the day my grandson arrived.  did the rounds of the mildura plant nurseries and just went a bit nuts.  a very busy weekend coming up.


that's rene's description not mine :0)


RENE and SAYAKA have a son!  and i have a grandson - what a day.  no name yet,
little red is the literal translation of the japanese word for baby so that's what he is to me until a name
is chosen.  he arrived quickly, rene didn't get there in time but sayaka looks as though someone else
had the baby for her, gorgeous girl.  a new little treasure in the world.

Thursday, 23 May 2013


son Rene aged one week - with his wife sayaka due any day now it's amazing
 to me that i did this drawing 32 years ago


wednesday morning -  I awoke to the wonderful sound of heavy rain,   it immediately lulled me back to sleep for another hour, lovely.   the driveway is one long puddle, it'll be interesting to see if it becomes impassable.  i might move the car up onto the roadside this morning.

not sure what this interesting collection of craft were up to in the rain