Monday, 20 May 2013


half of friday afternoon and another hour this morning at the RTA (road traffic authority) and i've finally registered my car here. it was all a bit of  a shemozzle.   of course i had to surrender my number plates which i was quite attached to  -  XAN 565 - and now i'm officially a new south waleser.

i love seeing this place as i drive to and from mildura,  a lovely old 20's house, i don't know why it's been stripped - maybe someone was going to do it up and ran out of money, but this frame and sweeping roof sits on a piece of land that looks out onto a lake. i wonder what will happen to it.

my favorite roadside stall 
on the wentworth/mildura
road.   roses for $5 a bunch.
a tightly packed bunch of
beautifully perfumed 
roses, sometimes crazy
clashing bright colours,
sometimes soft and delicate.

also on the side of the road - 
big bags of oranges for $3,
plums, pumpkins, avocados,
tomatoes, eggplants, chillis,
it's the food bowl of
australia. and most things
are $3 bag - about 2 kgs.

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  1. love your joy in sights and wonderful, beautiful bargains!


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