Sunday, 19 May 2013


WE DID A RECKY around wentworth on friday, driving up around the lagoon. 

den spotted an echidna  -  i've been hoping i have one at my place, i'm finding neat deep conical holes in the lawn near the river bank, there are new ones every day but i can't spot the animal that's making them.

Anne finds a treasure - a lump of thick bark that she decided would clean up to make a fabulous fruit bowl - den wasn't quite so keen :0)

Trees down by 
the river grow
to phenomenal
sizes,  it's always
impossible to
capture the
scale of them
in a photo 

and some of 
them are rude


we had a drink down at the royal hotel and on the way back to the car we heard a great smash and there at the main intersection was the van above, lying on it's side with the bumper bar of another car wrapped around the front of it.  i missed the shot, by the time we got back the van was back on its wheels. the driver was slightly injured, the other driver was ok but it was the highlight of the evening in wenty

Yesterday at the
Mildura Brewery - dennis has the
tasting tray of
stefano's boutique

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