Sunday, 26 May 2013


NON-STOP GARDENING this weekend.   after buying the persimmon and a carload of native plants what else was i going to do?    apart from bombarding everybody with baby photos and yes, there are more to come.

five hours of digging holes and planting yesterday and six hours today means that i am in bed now and hardly able to move.  feels good though.

looking up past the lock at sunset tonight, i sat out on the river 
bank,with a glass of wine and watched the reflected sunset.   
those are all pelicans up in those trees - i didn't realise they 
perch so high up.

ah yes, the previous photo was just a ploy to guide you into yet more baby shots :0)

RENE was telling me that the hospital staff wrote little red's name on his leg -  i didn't expect it to be quite so decorative

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