Thursday, 29 June 2017


I'M LOVING MY TIME HERE in torquay - walking, working, the weather is overcast and wintry without being unpleasant, i finally went for a walk to the point today, gorgeous :0)

walking to the newsagent i always
go through taylor's park, the
duckpond is a wonderfully
tranquil spot to sit for a while


clouds over corio bay
yesterday susan, jenny and i had a wonderful asian lunch at Wah Wah Gee on the cunningham pier, it was lovely to sit facing the bay, seagulls and cormorants dipping over the water, an occasional small white yacht catching the light

 geelong's clocktowers,
both working (:-o

today's walk to the point

Tuesday, 27 June 2017


ALMOST A WEEK since i wrote, i've been on the road to torquay, happily ensconsed now at gail's and working in the wonderfully light and colourful music room.  walking and internet at the library in the morning, down to get the paper, home by lunch, working in the afternoon, evenings free to catch up with everyone or just knit :0)

on the road - thursday june 22
love these bare trees, now wearing tutus of new leaves :0)

WAR OF THE WORLDS?  or friendly giants, i always enjoy the drive through avoca with these wonderful windmills on either side, they're comforting in their slow rhythmic movement, but HG Wells does come to mind :0)

GAIL AND IAN headed off friday after lunch and i got settled in the music room cum studio :0)    it feels good

SATURDAY morning - caught 
up with Jenny, Freddie and the 
Mockster for coffee, Sunday with 
Jenny and Rob and the 
delectable Maxie Tyson

and i'm getting work done at the same time :0)

 a room with a view :0)

there are still
outside the
spring's come early to torquay.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017


ANNE CAME ROUND monday morning and we filled the copper with fabric and paper tied up with leaves. i decided to take di fogwell's suggestion of origami on board, and downloaded diagrams for an envelope and a crane.
i was making them in heavy watercolour paper so that was tricky but the hilarious thing was that as i became more confused by the instructions and the origami got thicker and thicker, i realised i was trying to make the crane and not the simple envelope :0)

at which stage we stopped trying to fold multiple layers of paper and decided it was a pelican   !      it's in the copper wrapped up with leaves so we'll see what happens tomorrow.

I'm getting ready to housesit in torquay and take the book with me to work on so i had a photo shoot with anne's daughter sally and her daughter edie for the opening spread in the park behind her house.

i'm overprinting on
some paper i did
a while back, 
i haven't done 
this before 

brave sal, waiting for her man to come home from the war
cute little leo, edie's little brother

Monday, 19 June 2017


WHAT A SUNDAY - very busy visiting donnie and doing things in town.  the fog descended and stayed till well after lunch, damp and very pleasant really

Went to lunch for friend helen's lovely mum kath's 85th birthday at trentham estate.  a lovely family afternoon

then met resident art vaulter bridgit thomas for a g&t at fosseys before she leaves on tuesday.  called in downstairs to the etching room to see what dianne fogwell has been up to during her time, that woman is a machine!  so much fine fine cutting of all the trees on the wall behind her, and prints sitting all around the room.  time well spent :0)  bridgit's also been busy exploring the area and doing lovely watercolour's of river creatures.

Saturday, 17 June 2017


IT'S A LOVELY DAMP SATURDAY - unexpected rain, light but steady all night and still on and off today,perfect for bunkering down by the fire and watching an excellent french crime series Witnesses on sbs on demand.

GOOD NEWS for our makers group, looks like the guides are happy to let us hire their hall, they have no guide group at present so we'll have a home on a great block that will lend itself to markets.  in my street :0)   and we have $5000 to pay the rent which will do us for maybe two years, thanks to the Bendigo community bank. they do so much wonderful work around the town and region.  really supporting the community in a tangible way
with good friend sam cross who's on the bendigo board

Thursday, 15 June 2017


I CHECKED OUT the nest again this morning, the nest itself is a beautiful thing.  

More work on the
book today, good
to know it's


on the island this morning,
lovely foggy skies and the
discovery of a darter's nest
complete with two gorgeous
almost fully grown chicks.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017


FIRST IMAGE for the new book has rolled off the press :0)

so after a day of tidying the studio and finally printing, i collapsed on the couch for a brief bit of telly - enjoying the view at twilight, i love this time of night from the loungeroom windows.  early to
bed and now time to get up and do another print, but which one?? hmm