Tuesday, 20 June 2017


ANNE CAME ROUND monday morning and we filled the copper with fabric and paper tied up with leaves. i decided to take di fogwell's suggestion of origami on board, and downloaded diagrams for an envelope and a crane.
i was making them in heavy watercolour paper so that was tricky but the hilarious thing was that as i became more confused by the instructions and the origami got thicker and thicker, i realised i was trying to make the crane and not the simple envelope :0)

at which stage we stopped trying to fold multiple layers of paper and decided it was a pelican   !      it's in the copper wrapped up with leaves so we'll see what happens tomorrow.

I'm getting ready to housesit in torquay and take the book with me to work on so i had a photo shoot with anne's daughter sally and her daughter edie for the opening spread in the park behind her house.

i'm overprinting on
some paper i did
a while back, 
i haven't done 
this before 

brave sal, waiting for her man to come home from the war
cute little leo, edie's little brother

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