Thursday, 1 June 2017


THE SHOW LOOKED GOOD by the time we left on friday, a lot of work and i couldn't have done it without sunny.
After a long walk thru carlton cemetery and over to the brunswick rd op shop, I drove to geelong on saturday and took denise out for her significant birthday - great indian food and just a few doors from susan and sean's so we went and had a look at their renovated apartment with its new furniture - all terrific.  they're in such a great location near the bay there.
 a magnificent
moreton bay fig
at the carlton

Sunday denise and i drove up to riddell's creek early and i did a final walk round and check.
it was a terrific day, stacks of people, five artwork sales and a long queue of people buying books to be signed.  lots of people bought one of each of the four picture books i had there and i saw so many people who i haven't seen for years.
very pleased :0)

erica wagner and julie watts
gave beautiful speeches,
they'd spent a lot of time
on what they said and i
was really moved by
their comments
thanking sunny at the back of the room
i was thrilled that my early publisher helen chamberlin came and brought darling albert ullin, a great supporter and collector of children's illustration -  he must be mid 80's by now and still looking groovy :0)

                   the every funny danny katz and ann james
                   being their usual selves :0)

WEATHER WAS COLD AND DAMP all weekend and i drove up to the grampians on monday surrounded by fabulous clouds

After a classic night of roast, scrabble and a big sleep at helen and don's i drove home to wentworth to collapse in a heap :0)

from helen's, looking across to lake lonsdale

this might become a print, a monoprint perhaps

more fabulous skies, now in sunraysia

the road
to wenty

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