Monday, 30 April 2018


A NEW VERSION has been sent off to the publisher,
fingers crossed.

Sunday, 29 April 2018


I'VE PUT ALL THE ARTWORK on a disc - everything inside the book is sorted and saved and in a package to send to the production house. now to sort the cover.
it was a gorgeous sunset tonight and i stood in the studio to see the view from the new windows - lovely :0)

donnie texted to say
the moon was
beautiful and she was right, i jumped in
the car and drove
down to the darling river to capture it.


of mara, as
she heads
off to day
care, looking more and
each day,
and growing
- i think she'll
be tall like sayaka

Saturday, 28 April 2018


CURRENT PICS - have to get the doors changed over and the handles
 are wrong, still organising all that. i'll be glad when it's done.  hate the unpleasantness of getting wrong things fixed.

have to trim those shrubs over the fence for a view of the river :0)


ooh!  i just discovered i can get all these extra characters by holding down the 'option' button  :-O


SPENT A NICE NIGHT with friends sue and derek - pasta, wine and  a movie.  the moon was rising as i drove over, interesting how the angle changes as it moves across the sky

Friday, 27 April 2018


AT LAST i feel i'm getting sorted - the leaking solanoid is fixed so i'm watering the garden again, continuing to sort out the wrong handle drama in the studio, i think i've figured out how to photoshop together the last image for the book.  now to do a revised cover rough. 

getting there, combining lots of things.  the designer can finesse the captions  -  i've reached the limits of my talents

i walked into the studio today and had a good stand in there, getting the feel of it. it's great to look out across the fence thru the new windows.  i'll have to do some work in the backyard to improve the view,  as vicki says 'grow a bush in front of it'.  the bad end of the bungalow faces the studio, i think some wiring and climbers might do the trick  :0)
off to have a drink with sue and derek, my first human contact since getting home on wednesday aside from the supermarket checkout and the newsagent.  and of course brendan who's fixed the water problem     gorgeous autumn weather - i love it

a funny old moon last night - reminds me of the magic pudding

Thursday, 26 April 2018


WOW   three days of driving - i'm really getting used to it.  the drive to deniliquin was way too long, but driving down to the Grampians was fine. not terribly interesting though so it was good to arrive to one of don's yummy meals.  helen was very tired and had a really early night so i didn't get to spend much time with her but it was good to have a night talking to don.  i'll go back soon.

After a lot of warm weather it was a crisp foggy morning when i left.  beautiful to watch the sun trying to shine through as i left early.

 i always love entering the mallee and seeing the silos against that incredible blue sky

and now there's haystack art!!  :0)

now i'm home and already there's a 'to do' list.  the garage looks completely different with the new doors and windows but apart from the doors being in back to front ):-(   grrrr   the handles aren't what i ordered.  i paid quite a bit for brushed metal large handles and i've got crummy shiny smaller ones. 
i have books to send, prints to look up, a leaking solarnoid which is part of the automatic watering system, looking at the ground it's been leaking for a while and that means the pump keeps coming on and off.   another phone call.

so . . . i'm just thinking out loud here, boring reading i'm sure  :0)  

Tuesday, 24 April 2018


AFTER SYDNEY i chained myself to the laptop and tried to get all the scans finished. i'm over being intimidated by the task i've set myself, it's almost done and i think it's all ok.

i've done some work on 'skip' but it's completely unresolved. i'm hoping he's at the stage where everything's thrown out there, and now it just has to settle into place. sounds easy  :0+

a walk around varuna's garden

a last walk around the clifftop walk, 2 hours from varuna to the 3 sisters then the prince henry walk back up and around to echo point and home.  so busy - school holidays and weekend, tourist buses everywhere

 AUTUMN - it's all happened this week, glorious

MONDAY MORNING,  everything's done, work finished, car
packed up so it's goodbye to dias and rose.  nick and jane left yesterday
I'D FORGOTTEN what a drive i'd set myself for today, katoomba to deniliquin.  it said 8 hours + on google maps but i drove from 9.15 to 7.15 without much stopping.  got to deniliquin in the dark and had a fine old time finding my motel, it's way out on the edge of town.  all good this morning, tuesday.  heading to helen's before i go home.  an easy day of driving and op shopping.

a lot of smoke haze around from burning off

Saturday, 21 April 2018


I TOOK A DAY OFF and trained into sydney to meet sophie gralton and john howard at the harbour.  sophie's done residencies at the art vault and was one of my first visitors at wentworth after i moved in. she came back after meeting john and they came out for brunch. he's such a lovely man, and yesterday handled people coming up and gushing about his work so graciously. felt like he'd known them forever :0)
the day was sparkling, sydney harbour looked magnificent and they convinced me to jump on the fast ferry to manly for late lunch. it reminded me so much of being on the bosphorus and eating by the water there.  i had a lovely day which included walking from central station through hyde park, down to the art gallery for a wander then across more park under the moreton bay figs to circular quay.

i did get work done nonetheless, two hours of notes about 'skip' my little book idea, then i put the little dummy book i have on the table at lunch for feedback from sophie and john, they had lots of ideas. both have possible book projects of their own so maybe we'll meet at the premiers awards in a couple of years :0) !!

first glimpse of the bridge, always exciting

grace cossington smith at the gallery

           mobbed on the ferry :0)

my hero - cool
colin the
cosmopolitan kelpie,
he goes with sophie
to the hairdresser,
on the ferry, to
cafes - always so
beautifully behaved
and loved by all