Thursday, 19 April 2018


HAVEN'T PICKED UP A BRUSH  for days - i must do that these last few days. the computer component of this residency is not satisfying, i don't feel i'm really good at it, don't know enough.  and i'm worried about the useability of the final files of the artwork.  i'm sure it's ok, it's just my lack of confidence that's telling me bad things. grrrr

i drove dias and rose over to leura for a quick visit and the shop i wanted to revisit was closed, no explanation, just 'we're closed' in a handwritten note :0\   then i took them to the carrington for a pre dinner drink in front of the open fire, so grand and comfy there :0)

 a detail from
two grand 6ft tall
chinese vases that
stand either side 
of the fireplace in
the main lounge

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