Saturday, 21 April 2018


I TOOK A DAY OFF and trained into sydney to meet sophie gralton and john howard at the harbour.  sophie's done residencies at the art vault and was one of my first visitors at wentworth after i moved in. she came back after meeting john and they came out for brunch. he's such a lovely man, and yesterday handled people coming up and gushing about his work so graciously. felt like he'd known them forever :0)
the day was sparkling, sydney harbour looked magnificent and they convinced me to jump on the fast ferry to manly for late lunch. it reminded me so much of being on the bosphorus and eating by the water there.  i had a lovely day which included walking from central station through hyde park, down to the art gallery for a wander then across more park under the moreton bay figs to circular quay.

i did get work done nonetheless, two hours of notes about 'skip' my little book idea, then i put the little dummy book i have on the table at lunch for feedback from sophie and john, they had lots of ideas. both have possible book projects of their own so maybe we'll meet at the premiers awards in a couple of years :0) !!

first glimpse of the bridge, always exciting

grace cossington smith at the gallery

           mobbed on the ferry :0)

my hero - cool
colin the
cosmopolitan kelpie,
he goes with sophie
to the hairdresser,
on the ferry, to
cafes - always so
beautifully behaved
and loved by all

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