Sunday, 8 April 2018


I HAD BIG PLANS of getting up and having a nice long swim in the pool before i left the hilton - it's out on a deck in the sun but somehow i never got there. staying in bed and then having a leisurely breakfast seemed the go.  one of those buffet brekkies of endless choices.  very nice.  there was no hurry to get to the airport, 11am checkout and 2pm flight.  all the shops were open and i scoured david jones for the winter shoes i need. very plain but impossible to find. but i did find a pair i really like after endless searching :0)
flew to sydney, trains weren't running from the airport so i got a free bus trip into central, then found out my elderly status gave me a $2.50 trip to katoomba - not bad.
dinner at the savoy - sounds great doesn't it.  then a walk to the YHA where i'm happily installed, on the bed with a book and my laptop.
Varuna tomorrow YAY!

setting sun from the train

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