Thursday, 5 April 2018


WELL, I'M IN COWRA sitting on my bed in the pub.  music pumping up from downstairs, probably the littlest, meanest room i've ever been in and i'm as happy as a pig in . . . a pub :0)

left as the sun came up in the middle of the wentworth bridge and had it in my eyes for at least an hour, maybe two.

a pretty roadside stop - Lake Benabee 

    lots of smoke haze -  lovely colours

don't know what this fire was but the smoke was beautiful

looking west,
north, east
and south
on the Hay
Plain -

fantastic silos like i've never seen before

i drove all day, no powernaps (i just didn't need one) a few stops but straight across the straight and incredibly flat Hay plain to arrive here as the sun set over the bridge into Cowra.

dinner downstairs, steak and HOME MADE chips - yes, made of real potatoes!!!  people playing pool, ABBA playing, all good  :0)

Jacinta behind the bar at the Cowra pub

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