Monday, 9 April 2018


HERE IN BED at the yha  - 8.30am, a very comfy night and now it's time to get up, walk my bags down to the car at varuna and come back and rediscover the layout here.  and the secondhand shops, i'll visit as many as possible BEFORE my residency starts, i know what a distraction they are  :0)    i can move into my room at varuna at 2pm
whoo hoo!

this is just the footpath outside houses, the gardens
here are gorgeous and overgrown
i did a serious op shopping morning, so i'll be able to stay here and do some work without that temptation for a while.
autumn is definitely getting underway. varuna is as beautiful as ever and the blue crocuses are out everywhere

that's my room upstairs, what you see is the sunroom
where i work, the bedroom and bathroom are behind

lovely double windflowers across the road

waiting for lunch and gettting twitchy about getting to varuna at 2pm

- it's night now and i'm moved in and have met the other writers, we've just had dinner together and now i'm in bed - a bed that's about a meter off the floor, i climb on a little stool to get in :0)

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  1. Anne, take a break well. Over there, it should be very cool/cold (I experienced it when I stayed at Pinerolo, Margaret Hamilton). Take care not to catch a cold. Best wishes, Sadami


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