Wednesday, 21 April 2021


 WOW, my last entry was April 8!!

I've been a bit crook, still NQR after picking up a bug in melbourne in March.  Covid negative but still i have a dry throat and a bit of sinus. don't know why but it's only a week till my  op so i'm sitting in the sun today soaking up some goodness.

Photos from Sunny and Luke's weekend 

up at Mt Beauty.  Etta wasn't too keen on the portacot at first :0)    Sunny rode up Mt Beauty, what an achievement!

A LOCAL TRAGEDY -  a fire broke out on murray/darling island, cause unknown.   it's burnt quite a lot but i don't see much damage from my end.    i'm hoping the huge old trees aren't destroyed

ON THE 15th Susan and Sean and Jenny and Freddie arrived, one year after their original planned visit which was a victim of covid.

This big fella was at the gate on the
day they arrived but he'd nicked 
off by the time they got here

i gave the firepit a reno before they arrived, nice to have a better area to sit now

We had dinners at home, barbies, scrabble, went to the markets in mildura and merbein, had lunch out at trentham and generally just had four days of downtime together.   it was wonderful to have them all up here at last

hope they get back here before i leave

Beautiful visitors yesterday and today, a yellow rosella (one of a family of five) and a rare visit from the Mallee ringneck,  gorgeous things

Thursday, 8 April 2021


EASTER - and Sunny, Luke and Etta came for four days - how wonderful to spend so much time with them and to watch Etta and her development even since i saw her a couple of weeks ago, crawling and trying to stand, she's halfway there :0)    What a lovable little girl she is, we visited Perry Sandhills, a day in mildura, saw the Sturt desert peas at the Inland Botanical Gardens, slept a lot in the heat of the day.  Sunday was 35, unusually hot for autumn here.

friends came to the rescue with baby

bath, pusher, bed and highchair :0)


perry sandhills


BATH TIME :O)    adorable

LAST NIGHT   I lit a fire and sue and derek and I ate chipolata sausages and had a cool white on the riverbank in perfect autumn weather, slightly hazy and warm and gorgeous.  lots of different birds down on the fallen trees