Wednesday, 26 February 2020


WELL . . . the week has been dominated by the loss of my phone and as i sit here and type i'm sure it's no more than 10m away but do you think i can find it.   had to buy another one and now apple ID won't recognise my new phone (it wants to  send a verification code to my old phone!)   so frustrating because i can't access any apps or the cloud  - have to re enter my contacts one by one.   sigh.  still trying to get help. 

gorgeous clouds coming back from town yesterday

these little petals are our constant companions at pilates, layla is our instructor lou's daughter and the other little fella belongs to one of the class.   now they're getting close to walking we're wondering what the future will bring :0)    they're hilarious as they watch, bamboozled, as we do our various horizontal and upside down exercises 

Friday, 21 February 2020


DUST DUST DUST!!   I'M OVER IT!   this was tuesday, just horrible all day so i did my usual escape to the movies,  saw Emma which i didn't like much despite beautiful costumes, landscapes and magnificent houses.   very unlikeable characters.
and this delightful dustscape was what i drove through to get home.   thankfully it was just
the one day, it's been perfect ever since, lovely sunny days and light breeze

I started a portrait of
Sonja today - two
sittings of about an
hour and a half
each.  i'll have
another sitting next
week and work on
it from photos and
the small portrait
i did in the meantime.

while we were having lunch on the verandah
these bee eaters will flitting about, catching
their own lunch

Monday, 17 February 2020


TWO WEEKS since an entry - i've been away to Melbourne and back in that time.

I'm still working
on my self 
portraits, this is
the latest, complete
with old lady
chook neck - it's
fascinating to see
how each one
is so different

including the ones
i've done of sonja,
rene and sunny
i've done 26,
can't stop but i'm
ready to think
about starting a
large portrait
of sonja

I headed down to Melbourne on Feb 7th and stayed two nights with vicki in south melbourne  -  these beautiful roses are from her
queenscliff home

SATURDAY - my exhibition opening in Canterbury.   with the corona virus causing nervousness about chinese visitors we were very happy with the turnout.  Jiang Jianwen's work was lovely, very detailed illustrations with a definite Chinese influence, he has a wonderful control of watercolour.  Tony Scott opened the show and lots of friends turned up -  susan and sean unexpectedly, also godwin bradbeer, graeme drendel and mimmo. 

 tony, above - opening
the show,  right - jianwen
and i swapped signed

below,  ros atkins
with sandra drummond
and patrick jones, i was so
pleased to see them all

jianwen and i each
did a short talk
about our work
godwin and graeme

    gail and tony with ian,  below with the anns, i was thrilled with        the group of people who came, i sold four works and lots of books

and to top of the day there was a beautiful full moon
enjoying melbourne  vicki and i explored the tiny 
streets and lanes of south melbourne

       i was very happy with this apartment accommodation right in
       the middle of swanston street, walking distance to lygon and 
       the city, tramstop right outside, only $75 a night

i stayed at erica's in this lovely book-line room before i came home, we worked on Romeo and Juliet and i've come home ready to get back into it

I stayed with don on the way home, jenny came up from torquay. it was a classic roast lamb/scrabble night, with beestings and vanilla
slices from the Birchip bakery.

Back home now, the kangaroos have been enjoying my overgrown
lawn, these are two very large males but the mother and her joey
have been back too. it's lovely having them around

THE SELF PORTRAIT PROJECT is going well, i now have a grid of sixteen to enter in the archie, the portia geach and the doug moran.

Sunday, 2 February 2020


THIS WEEK turned into a horrible couple of super hot days - my house couldn't cope and i ended up sleeping in the airbnb room - coolness!   i left the sprinklers on under the trees all days and the mother kanga and her joey stayed all day, staying wet and lounging on the lawn, munching grass.   Lots of birds too,  the variegated wrens shared with the superb fairy wrens,  apparently these two species cohabit and share territories

another snake
sighting outside
the kitchen window
- different snake,
smaller but still a
brown snake.  it
tried to climb the
carport post then
slithered under
the house  :-O