Tuesday, 31 January 2017



These gorgeous birds were all down near the murray/darling island. i stayed to photograph them all one by one as they took off to fly back to the lagoon.


IBIS, A HERON AND SPOONBILLS down in a small wetland area left after the floods, i scared them and they flew up into this terrific tree, just for me :0)

MUCH SQUAWKING led me outside
to find the goanna, look pretty fat,
climbing a tall tree with two very
bolshy cockies really giving him a
hard time.

he's about 5 feet long and quite

STILL NO NBN  it's supposed to be put on tomorrow between 8-12am - fingers crossed. here's a catch up on the week

AUSTRALIA DAY - the council held the ceremony in the Wentworth Club building which will soon house the council, visitors centre and more. it's a great move and the huge spaces lend themselves to all kinds of things - maybe some space for the Makers to exhibit.

fashion designer Charlie Brown is an
Australia Day ambassador and gave the
main speech.  her necklace is a gift
from council and is one of the gorgeous
pieces made by Dianne Craig, one
of our Wentworth Makers group.
the Ruby came down through the lock and past my place, i love to see the riverboats go by

Tuesday, 24 January 2017


I'm finishing the storyboard to my latest picture book written by jackie french, just finished the wedding dress commissioned drawing and finalising cover design for swan lake, getting excited about that now, it's taking shape beautifully and allen&unwin are making up full-sized dummies to take off to the book fairs and overseas publishers :0)
really happy with this :0) it has the yin yang quality i was after

beautiful evening

THESE PICS were taken a few nights ago, the days have been very warm, but so still and pleasant.



I COULD WRITE REAMS about telstra's inefficiency and incompetence, suffice to say i'm writing this on a friends computer as i can't send photos or access anything at home except on my phone. the nbn is finally booked to be connected on feb 1, let's see if they turn up.  in the meantime they suggest i buy a dongal for $99 and they'll put some GB on it for me - they also say they'll reimburse me but i'm still waiting for reimbursement for overcharging on the last two months bills!  i have no confidence it them so i'll make do   grrrrrrr  ):0(

onto more pleasant things
yesterday was extremely hot, i spent it indoors getting down to the nitty gritty of really cleaning the house, sorting through the piles of accumulated correspondence, print outs etc that seem to grow in about three separate places over the months.   a very satisfying thing to do when it's too hot to go out.  the sprinklers came on at 5 and the hot birds out in the trees all came down for a splash :0)

Friday, 20 January 2017


MY LAPTOP has been at the doctor - it froze last weekend and i've been away for a funeral so no posts all week.   i've been on the road all day tuesday and again thursday, travelling down to torquay for the funeral of my friends' dear dad. two nights with gail, nice downtime with friends and family.

i love it when i get to this area outside ballarat

i walked thru taylor's park in torquay, to and from the shops.  this park has a timeless quality, i can always imagine people promenading along the gravel paths at the turn of the last century. it's unique and creates a tranquil heart in the town

TODAY - it's just rained here at wentworth this morning, lovely steady rain but only for about 1/2 hour.  enough to freshen everything up though.

i have two new residents

 I first saw one of these lovely southern boobook owls being mobbed by a large group of butcher birds, magpies and noisy miners who had it cornered under the table on the back deck.  i've since seen it up under the tank stand and the day i left to drive down south, i realised there are two of them, siblings i think.  they look young to me