Tuesday, 24 January 2017


I COULD WRITE REAMS about telstra's inefficiency and incompetence, suffice to say i'm writing this on a friends computer as i can't send photos or access anything at home except on my phone. the nbn is finally booked to be connected on feb 1, let's see if they turn up.  in the meantime they suggest i buy a dongal for $99 and they'll put some GB on it for me - they also say they'll reimburse me but i'm still waiting for reimbursement for overcharging on the last two months bills!  i have no confidence it them so i'll make do   grrrrrrr  ):0(

onto more pleasant things
yesterday was extremely hot, i spent it indoors getting down to the nitty gritty of really cleaning the house, sorting through the piles of accumulated correspondence, print outs etc that seem to grow in about three separate places over the months.   a very satisfying thing to do when it's too hot to go out.  the sprinklers came on at 5 and the hot birds out in the trees all came down for a splash :0)

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