Tuesday, 3 January 2017


I'M BROADENING MY HORIZONS - heading out into the country with friends and my new swag.    Lake walla walla is about 2 1/2 hours away and i took the car.  not a good idea, i won't do that again - i'll get a lift.   very rough corrugated stony roads, to rough for bluey.   but the destination was gorgeous, my swag is amazingly easy to put up and so comfortable and airy.  i went with sue and derek, and their friends (now mine)  rob and geoff.   very warm days and lovely cool nights

rob takes charge of the toilet digging spade :0)
amazing box tree - dead now but impressive

i love these spectacular orb weavers -
their webs are golden, magic
     so here are the pelicans that are missing from my place

in the magic swag, i drifted off in the sun
    geoff, sue, me, rob and derek

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