Sunday, 31 December 2017


WELL, i've ordered a new split system airconditioner to go in the airbnb room, so friends who come and stay there (you know who you are) will be able to come year round and be comfortable :0)
5 years interest free terms at the good guys :0)  done and dusted

i took a long walk today, from town across the bridge down to the island.  once on the island i took my time and photographed birds, i was looking for the lovely variegated fairy wren i spotted the other day and they were there in droves. there's a whole group with full grown young ones.

and i saw a lot of others besides.   this baby wren . . .

i watched this swan swim around into a quite little inlet and walked down to find it with its mate.  the mate was finding reeds and things to line a nest i thought, and after my walk to the island i returned and saw her sitting alone on the nest.  i'll keep an eye on them for the next few weeks.

these two little boobook owls were being mobbed by a bunch of bluefaced honeyeaters

this large tree has split in half and fallen right across
the track, i had to hoist myself over bum first :0)
    red rumped grass parrot, so lovely and so iridescent

then into town to get the aircon and now, eating things i love, seafood and chocolate mousse with champagne cocktails on the side for new year's eve, although i might not make midnight :0)


 a sparkling shiraz at sunset -
i completely forgot about sparkling shiraz this year,
i always like to have it for xmas

beautiful evenings :0)
my little xmas tree - soon to be packed away

Friday, 29 December 2017


MY AIRBNB GUESTS won the meat tray at the pub! and they've given it to me.  i suggest they use some for a barbie while they're here but then i think i'll have to have an australia day bbq :0)


PHEW it's still so warm, still but light rain, also warm and humid.  unusual weather for here but the sunset was spectacular

Thursday, 28 December 2017


A VERY HIGH overnight low of 26, my poor airbnb people - they've come for a rest and i'm sure the evaporative cooler isn't working to capacity in that room. i have to get it looked at.  they did have a fan but really it's not enough.
Today is hot too, i'm holed up sewing and drawing, they've headed off for an overnight stay in echuca.  thank god there's a cool change on the way.

i'm looking at ways to incorporate this lovely leaf print into the book

Wednesday, 27 December 2017


I DID GET OUT to walk on the island in the morning but my camera battery was flat so my purpose of getting a shot of the variegated fairy wren was thwarted!
and my day went downhill from there, post christmas fatigue.  TV, a bit of reading and not much else except fluffing up the airbnb for today's arrivals.

beautiful sunrise and sunset and 
a lovely still day

Tuesday, 26 December 2017


SAYAKA,CAL and MARA celebrate christmas in osaka.  unwrapping gifts from australia, mara in her new uggs

MORNING WALK ON THE ISLAND before xmas lunch with donnie, peter and penny in mildura

the icecream xmas pud was a knockout :0)  lovely lunch of prawns, cold meats and salads so we didn't overindulge. nevertheless, that
old christmas afternoon tiredness descended  - pleasantly.

    then home for a quiet night and long phone chats with
    vicki and denise   -  a very nice low key christmas

Monday, 25 December 2017

CHRISTMAS MORNING - it looks gorgeous out there, sunny and still, the sun's just coming up over the lock, the hoses are on and i'm back in bed for another hour or so.  looking forward to xmas lunch with donnie and peter and penny.

Saturday, 23 December 2017


YESTERDAY EARLY - the gorgeous darter was waving his wings back and forth, so elegant

Thursday, 21 December 2017


zLAST NIGHT - drinks and a barbie on the back verandah as the sun set over the river, a beautiful evening after the heat and the storm.

 thanks sam for doing
the snags - so organised.
beef on the left, gourmet
in the middle and kraskys
on the right - i would've
just got them all
 mixed up

happy christmas to all my blog readers,
and a rich and fulfilling new year to you all