Friday, 28 September 2018


VERY EXCITED to have these new photos of my father Don.  i only have grabs of memory of being with him, and the photos from mum's old albums.  on one day the army enlistment pics with some army records arrived from nephew chris with some army records, who's researched dad's army career, and the other one arrived from cousin margaret in the mail with the letter on the other side.  plus a family tree included in the same letter. lots to look at.


THURSDAY   zhoozhing up the house for vicki's visit, she arrives tomorrow - flowers from sue's garden 

Monday, 24 September 2018


i love looking out into the saltbush
I'VE GOT MY APW PROOF - the plate is worked, now to print the edition by thursday.  i'm happy with it and today as i worked, this beautiful little variegated wren appeared outside the window.

Sunday, 23 September 2018

romeo and juliet


I'VE HARDLY STEPPED OUTSIDE the house this week, there's a Copyright Agency fellowship i was eligible for so i've put in an application to do Romeo and Juliet, a follow up to Swan Lake. i only had five days but it's done and delivered.
Lovely weather, yesterday was 28 and i went to Richard's welding workshop.
My attempts were pretty blobby but i get the idea :0)   sue and derek came over for an early evening barbie, so balmy and beautiful on the river.
naturally sue already had her own welding mask and leather apron :0)
one of richard's four funny dogs
terri actually made something, a rusty sculpture out of odd bits and pieces

i had just washed my hair :0(    it was curly when i arrived 

Wednesday, 19 September 2018


AFTER MISSING OUT on the week of workshops i had planned as part of the great Grampians Brushes week, i had a very quiet week at home catching up on computer stuff and knitting, sewing and couch based stuff.  i'm glad i did stay home in bed because i didn't end up with any awful chest infections etc.    a sinusy head and low energy was my lot, couldn't think straight but i got over it and headed down on sunday for helen's 70th.  great to see chris, sam and jaime, claire, mal and jules.  and the weather was kind so i got to have a good long walk to the lake and get some pics of gorgeous birds and the canola fields.  back home now and getting a grant application together, working on my print for the print workshop and finishing an illustration for a law firm. 

did a bit of pushing tables around in the studio today, rejigging the layout - and richard arrived about an hour after i got home last night from a day on the sunraysia highway - with my new sink on its stand.   :0)   beeeuudiful!

i had time to retouch this favourite old family photo, l to r: auntie myra, grandma anne, daddy, uncle jim, auntie edna, uncle tal and grandpa george

i finished off this
jumper, the second
version of an old
vogue pattern.

heading off along the Sunraysia highway, gorgeous silos
 Got to Helen's around 12.30 for lunch with the family :0)


morning walk