Friday, 29 November 2013


TOMORROW is ANNIE'S MARKET and i'm selling vietnamese silk and jewellery from my ridiculously too big collection.  so sunny and i have spent all day ironing.   the stall's half set up now, it should be a fun day.

sunny enjoying a well-earned wine in the sun after a hard day's work

setting up 
the space at
artback for
our stall
still lots to
do tonight. 
 anne loaned us an old card table and we found this little fella tucked in underneath

are you lookin' at ME!!      yabbies at the royal for tea, we earned it


we took time out in warracknabeal to watch these pigeons performing amazing erotic acrobatics in this made to order setting, complete with audience (politely looking the other way :0)


AH, IT'S GOOD to be in my own bed again. i was getting to that stage where you wake up and as your eyes gradually adjust to the light you just don't know where you are.  why is that window there?  where's the door?  oh, i'm at helen's, or denise's, or janet's or gail's or sunny's or helen's again.

a good trip home, sunny's here till monday and we shared the driving.

things here look very dry after a week without water, it's obviously been very hot and i'm afraid my persimmon may be kaput.  i'll keep it watered, the roots may be ok but the
leaves are all dry - very sad.

 little friends in sunny's bathroom, it was lovely to spend time with sunny and dean in their
home - renos are coming along nicely

grassfires on the way 
through the wimmera 
after leaving the 

bluey always enjoys the
SCRABBLE CHAMP FINN - i've been thrashed by my great-nephew! 

looks like briggs bluff ahead as we leave helen's driveway

i always love driving through the wimmera with its wonderful silos beside the highway.  i've never seen the wheatfields looking so beautiful,  miles and miles of them

creepy models in vinnies 
ouyen shop.   very 
disconcerting having 
these spooky eyes
following you around 
the room

Wednesday, 27 November 2013


I  CALLED IN to see marita, the wonderful hairdresser who's quickly becoming a gallery owner/entrepreneuresse - she's sold stacks of my work for me and has just opened a new salon/gallery in bridport st, albert park.   the entrance is just a narrow old wrought iron gate into a tiny lane between two shops, but upstairs is a light bright space of three rooms, lovely old timber fireplaces and architectural detail, all fresh white.  First opening this thursday, good luck marita. 

marita in the middle -  the girls get the work up 

Marita Onn,   a powerhouse in a petite package :0)


A DAY IN MELBOURNE running around getting frames, picking up work, being sidetracked by op shops, catching up with friends.  I'm at sunny and dean's  - last night was a gorgeous balmy evening, we lay around on the grass out the back, nice to just look up at the sky.  had a bbq.   the garden is coming on nicely

it was nice to lie
in the grass and
listen to the bees
on the clover

EXCITEMENT!   a cherry is ripening on the tree 

the sweet peas are the most gorgeous colours

this pretty chimney will be gone soon, the house next door is being pulled down
to build a mcmansion

Monday, 25 November 2013


Sunday we all went to the pub for lunch. i caught up with cousin margaret and husband john for brekky the onto the torquay pub.   VERY sticky tables at the torquay pub, four of us all had a go at cleaning them, they had something strange on the surface


good ol' gail and her 2200 page dictionary, would
she use anything less??

Drove up to melbourne with anne today, we went to the NGV to catch a few exhibitions then on to visit martin in his studio.  he filled us in on encaustic and how to use it.  great to see his work everywhere

I'm at sunny's now, we went to see the Alan Partridge movie and it was hilarious.  i'll stay here tomorrow too and head home wednesday.


A good night as usual at helen and don’s, corned beef and roast vegies, champagne cocktail on arrival, scrabble.  a tradition  :0)

to stop at Ouyen on the
way down

I spent a leisurely day driving down to geelong, lots of op shop stops and a few goodies on the way. a handknit jumper, pretty martini glass, some little baby board books for cal, a set of silver spoons for helen, a couple of books.  Stayed in geelong with denise and cooked dinner for her.

lunch at kelp in pt lonsdale
before the exhibition opening of the Affordable Xmas Show. the brighton girls came down, friends and family from geelong and melbourne    Denise and i drove down together – heaps of people, lots of buzz, good sales, and lovely to see so many friends there, just not enough time to talk to everyone properly.
most of us sold some work, i sold three on the day so i was happy.

 jude's amazing dessert
 the food at kelp was great -
small serves but delicious
creations like this super
fabuloso dessert

I stayed with janet and bevan in pt lonsdale, we had a nice quiet night and beautiful butterfly leg of lamb done on the barbie, thanks bevan :0)

i’m here at gail’s in torquay now after breakfast and lunch with friends and family yesterday, it’s been a really blustery windy night with branches scratching on the roof and weird dreams.  off to melbourne today to see the Melbourne Now exhibition and to visit martin at his studio for some encaustic demonstration – anne lambert and i are both interested in using it in our work.