Thursday, 14 November 2013


What did i do yesterday?  thinking thinking . . .  not much, i had to stay home waiting for a courier - those couriers,  they never let you know when to expect them, just a day.   i was sending off the artwork for a book,  months of work so i need to know it's safely on its way.     i spent all day on the phone.     courier Australian National Carriers rang to email me a consignment no.   it didn't come through, then they changed their minds, someone else would ring.
a different company rang, said they'd send a   then they didnt.  finally after ringing a few times to see if they were coming they said they didn't think they'd make it,   was tomorrow ok?  i was not impressed and said i wanted to know 'morning or afternoon'.    
'we'll get back to you' they said.    No courier arrived yesterday.
Today i rang them back, 'rick' wasn't there, so whoever i spoke to said he'd ring back and let me know what was happening.  that co. was call GTX.
so - i thought i'd go out and water the garden and there was a white courier van parked at the frontdoor - TNT!     
finally after a couple more phone calls to make sure my artwork would end up at allen & unwin, i let the package go.     fingers crossed  :0{

HOWEVER, today has been a very nice day, i'm feeling better and very much at home here.  during the day i've been surrounded by the family of wood ducks, two grass parrots and the stumpytail lizard who ventured in to check out the print studio this afternoon.    the ducks are getting used to me and don't fly off now when i come outside.
had a coffee and brekky down at artback in the sun and did the crossword then came home to continue designing a business card for me mates' wine bar ;-)   and sorting the studio.  more furniture has gone out to the garage studio and i'm deciding what to do inside.  

i've put up a wall of my life drawings, other walls will have images i like and other peoples' work and a big pinboard for the work i'm sorting out 

THE BATHROOM is just about finished, just the lights to be sorted and i have 
to paint the walls.   

MORE WORK on the walls, this wall was a tricky one with the strong timber colour but i think it's good

It's a beautiful sunny day and the world is looking good from here

boss duck - or wooddrake - keeps watch over his six female charges

stumpy comes to visit the outside studio

if the door had been open . . .

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