Monday, 4 November 2013


IT'S MONDAY morning, i'm in bed, think i'll try to stay here for a while - i need a rest.   it's been full-on all weekend.

Denise and i headed into mildura around lunchtime on saturday and booked into the motel.  Had lunch at the rendezvous and then a beer at the brewery

ART VAULT CELEBRATIONS - a wonderful night full of great people and a lot of love in the room - we're all so grateful to julie and kev for all they've done for us.  they've produced a catalogue of the work in the exhibition and everyone's written a message under their own work.  It's lovely to read all the heartfelt messages by about ninety artists. a good thing for julie and kevin to keep and read
we were greeted at the door by these sassy girls - and a lot
of guests who were staying at julie and kev's arrived
in a huge stretch hummer and a long long limo

steph bolt, tony amineiro and pete lancaster

ros atkins, sasha grishin (who opened the exhibition) and kev looking
embarrassed as helen healy sings his praises

the party carried on into the lane

our guardians - the lane can be a pretty busy
and noisy place at night, these guys kept watch

SUNDAY  big brunch on julie and kevin's riverbank at gol gol.

martin travelling in the style to which he's accustomed

i met deborah klein and her partner shane jones - both names
i've known for so long, great to meet them and find that they're
good friends with leigh and dmetri

showing denise around julie and kevin's houseboat

deborah signs the huge art vault poster

ros and martin watching the kookaburra going in and out of its hollow in the big gum tree

Martin, susan baran, deborah klein and shane jones all came back to my place for a drink and tour of the place.  Angelie also dropped in, nice to have them all here
this lovely lace monitor came strolling across the yard

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