Friday, 25 September 2020


 ETTA CONTINUES TO AMAZE -  little petal one minute, noisy menace (sunny's word not mine :0) the next.   I still haven't seen her since she was ten days old - bloody Covid restrictions.   i'm happy to see the numbers down from 700 about six weeks ago to 12 yesterday so who knows, the borders may open before too long.

Latest photos say it all  :0)   gorgeousness with attitude 

i just want to stroke those little cheeks 


FRIDAY last week was a very blokey day here, testosterone all over the place.  I had bob and max on the roof from 9.30 till 6 installing a very tricky custom made strip of guttering - lots of hammering and stomping around up there.  And the new garden guy was mowing, whippersnippering and leaf blowing all around the house. Then Sam called in and removed all the windows from the bungalow in readiness for demolition.    i felt like i was hiding inside, which i was.

But the guttering looks great, almost a work of art and the yard is coming together, looking somewhat more under control.  i've been feeling a bit out of control with this moon boot.  even getting into the garden to water the pot plants is tricky.  

At the end of the day Di called round with food for sam, her and me so it was nice to sit on the verandah with friends.  A lot got done.

BOB and MAX take a break - vege soup for lunch

WE'VE HAD RAIN on and off this week, lovely to hear and waking up to damp smells and tropical air is a real treat.

BEAUTIFUL MORNINGS TOO - soft pink sunrises

THE WISTERIA IS OUT and it has a lovely faint fragrance

Sunday, 13 September 2020


VERY TIRING  that's all i can say about hobbling around in a moon boot.     i seem to be only able to do a couple of things a day without being bombed out.  lots of sitting with my foot up knitting.   a bit of sweeping,  a bit of raking and yesterday i weeded a garden bed. this morning i'm almost limping from all that sitting and leaning over.   grrrrr!!  i'm a bit sick of it.

now the irises are all in one spot with rhizomes exposed i'm hoping for a good season of flowers  - weeding done!

spring has sprung

lots of birdie flirting going on all around the garden

this special visitor popped out onto the lawn yesterday, it's the second time i've seen him or her in a couple of months. she's quite big,
the shell is about the size of a large serving platter

this week i've photographed all marg's knitted owls for her annual calendar.   i really meant to do a calendar of bird photos but i can't  be bothered. maybe next year

    I found photos on this blog of gail on her visit here in 2013, one          year after i moved here.

Etta is growing and just look at her little face, full of attention and connection, she obviously loves her dad already :0) 

and she's discovered her tongue :0)

Thursday, 3 September 2020

 I'M VERY PLEASED to see that Etta has inherited the expressive eyebrow :0)


A VISIT TO THE HOSPITAL - Di took me in, she's been a huge help. i have to keep the bloody boot on for 5 more weeks, but i feel more confident now having see the doc.   still, i'll be limited for a while yet.  on the positive side i've finished the back and most of the front of my new red jumper  :0)  i've been enjoying getting totally involved, all those different cables require some attention.  

I'M BRUSHING UP on my indonesian using the Duolingo app. it's good but i'm getting frustrated. i don't seem to be able to get far, i entered at intermediate level but it feels very basic and repetitive. i wonder if i can jump some stages.   still it's good to reacquaint myself with the vocab. 

PLENTY TO DO - it's been warm, i might venture out into the garden.    I can take the boot off, sit on my stool and weed the iris garden.

the freesias are just gorgeous