Saturday, 29 October 2016


RENE'S latest modelling
job - some online
catalogue i think  :0\  ?

We said farewell to sonja's lovely son indi as he travels to melbourne for an exciting new job working in the community - which he's so good at.  He's been winning all kinds of awards this year for leadership and community service.
sonja, indi and friends

i couldn't resist this little treasure

 FRIDAYANNE has been here to gather her things from the copper, left in there after the workshop last week. the river water has made some fabulous dark greys and dramatic shapes as the iron or tannin content has settled during the week

Thursday - thanks janeen for a lovely stay,  the drive home was easy and i arrived just as the sun disappeared behind the trees

    janeen and jon's house is
    filled with lovely objects

sunset over lock 10, beautiful

Thursday, 27 October 2016


I CAME TO ADELAIDE specifically to buy a piece of ikea furniture and i'm coming home without it :0\  Changed my mind at the last minute and the new choice was out of stock.

Lucky i'm here visiting friends, it's always good to catch up with janeen and jon in glenelg, their warm hospitality and beautiful home make for a great stay. and last night i caught up with publisher dyan blacklock and illustrator vivienne goodman for our traditional oysters and drinks at the oyster bar in the city :0)  freshly shucked oysters - mmmmm!

adelaide is so full of beautiful old
buildings, i haven't really photographed
any this trip
this building had a changing light
show going on, pretty mesmerising
walking up the mall


I HEARD THE MAGGIES making their special 'goanna' call, a low squawk - went out to see them worrying the big goanna who was trying to blend into the trunk of the box tree.  the goanna seems  to have various hollow branches that are his favorite haunts.  the maggies must nest here somewhere but i can't see the spot.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016


A DAY'S DRIVE YESTERDAY - from the orange groves of wenty to adelaide. I left at 10 and arrived at 4 o'clock. it's not a very exciting drive but the smell of orange blossom coming through the open windows as i left was a pretty good start.

Monday, 24 October 2016


YES, just another afternoon at the birdbath - young and old butcher birds and a maggie :0)


I'LL NEVER TIRE of looking up and seeing a pelican overhead, this one was soaring up and up in circles towards the sun, i just stood in the back yard and clicked away and suddenly i lost him, it was as though he just disappeared into the light


IT TAKES A LOT OF WORK to get set up for a workshop, hours of testing things in the copper, tidying and rearranging the workshop, driving round collecting leaves, preparing paper and cutting covers for the books, bonding cardboard, slicing a bit of my finger (plenty left) so saturday was full but i managed to tie in a trip into mildura for supplies with a trip to the flicks,  Bridget Jones's baby - quite funny, not as good as the first but better than the second.

yesterday's workshop went well, a bit of downtime waiting for things to cook but not a lot, such a beautiful day, no one minded sitting out in the sun.   everything came out of the copper by 3 and the results were fine, some lovely colour and images.
everyone brought leaves too so we had a mass of things to choose from

this fellow sat up in the tree and watched 

Friday, 21 October 2016


between spending lots of time on the phone on my birthday and getting set up for sunday's workshop i've only taken photos of the garden - everything's coming out after the rain :0)

                   mum's own propagation - i call in 'ice'