Friday, 14 October 2016


UNBELIEVABLY i spent all of wednesday in bed - got up to get food for dinner, then straight back to bed, slept from 9.30pm til 6.30 next morning, rolled over and slept another hour.  must've needed it.

i felt good yesterday and spent the afternoon at the art vault, playing (painfully) with my wren print, aqua-
tinting, timing, waiting, timing, waiting... the result is quite nice, needs work but i'll edition it, then do a second edition on leaf printed paper i think.


 thanks rob for
 taking the pics

AT THE END of THE DAY i headed over to the arts centre for an opening, artists from ARTRAGEUS, from the special needs centre here, the Christie Centre. they also run AROUNDAGAIN, my favorite shop at the tip :0)   - some creative people there i'd say.   the work was vivid and exciting, i loved the ceiling high (maybe 30 ft) drops of wonderful continuous paintings, collaborative.

wouldn't take much to
rearrange these into a
fabulous kimono hanging

these are all
details from 
the wall hangings,
wish i had a bit
of wall left :0\

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