Wednesday, 5 October 2016


A DAY OF POTTERING. . .   actually i had a long walk to the newsagent, 45 mins at the rowing club gym where i saw the two black swans go by with their four cygnets, then the walk home.

The ground's so diggable after the rain i went round the front yard and dug up the last of the irises, the ones i missed first time round. i'm building a new garden around the birdbath.  the bird of paradise plant with low spreading daisies and lots of irises.  now i have the whole garden trolley full of irises waiting to go in.

then i sat down with the laptop and started practising the uke with justin on youtube - he has a good beginner's lesson so i'm practising A minor, F, G, C.  it'll take a while to loosen up my poor fingers.

Getting ready now to paint the sugarlift image onto my cleaned copper plate - fingers crossed i've prepared it correctly.

steve the plumber's here getting into my blocked toilet problem with his son zac and he's going to find me an old double concrete trough to install outside the print studio.   the wind has gone and the sun is out, two 31 deg days coming up.
i love this photo of luke beveridge and bob murphy after the bulldogs fantastic win on saturday.   a truly personal moment amongst the craziness of victory

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