Saturday, 29 October 2016


RENE'S latest modelling
job - some online
catalogue i think  :0\  ?

We said farewell to sonja's lovely son indi as he travels to melbourne for an exciting new job working in the community - which he's so good at.  He's been winning all kinds of awards this year for leadership and community service.
sonja, indi and friends

i couldn't resist this little treasure

 FRIDAYANNE has been here to gather her things from the copper, left in there after the workshop last week. the river water has made some fabulous dark greys and dramatic shapes as the iron or tannin content has settled during the week

Thursday - thanks janeen for a lovely stay,  the drive home was easy and i arrived just as the sun disappeared behind the trees

    janeen and jon's house is
    filled with lovely objects

sunset over lock 10, beautiful

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