Sunday, 2 October 2016


WHAT A GRAND FINAL - with the cats out of the picture it's been exciting to see the bulldogs fighting their way to the final and wonderful to see the spirit of the supporters.

i quickly sewed some suede ears on
my beanie before heading off to sue
and derek's for the big day -dog
ears for this year, cat ears for 2017
grand final

sue was making sausage rolls when i arrived, lots of food, lots of tomato sauce, lots
of wine, enthusiasm, cheering, betting on everything from best hair to who kicked first goal, and a fantastic game, not a minute spared, fast and furious and the dogs won - perfect result
derek and friends geoff and rob,
checking the stats before the game

after the game we all went on a long walk at sunset

tired little walkers picked up by sue, who walked back and got the car :0)  gave me time to get some nice sunset shots

 sue's a terrific gardener, there are so many beautiful things to photograph, i settled for clivea and quince blossom.   and a chook
 i stayed overnight and today is an easy day at home, my poor airbnb guest went home today, a day early.  the competition he'd come for had been cancelled due to the awful weather.  It's been unbelievably windy, rainy, thunder and lightning this afternoon. not ideal for remote controlled glider competitions.   (:-{

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