Wednesday, 31 August 2016


IT'S BEEN A FULL DAY - i got up and walked for the paper early, the ducklings were all out on the frosty grass at the golf course with the whistling kite circling overhead.  :0\

I VISITED LATROBE to do a talk at 11.30 this morning, presented a slideshow of all the work from the exhibition plus my own work done since i've been here then sue holland rang to say they could install my house sign at 3  :0)   exxx-cel-lent  :0) 


Tuesday, 30 August 2016


YESTERDAY the Mildura English Language Centre students came for my artist's walk through of the exhibition.  they were a terrific bunch, really attentive and involved, asked lots of questions.  i'm hoping they're coming out to visit me at wentworth next month, i'm thinking we could make a group concertina book with the eucalyptus leaves, each having a page.  very quick to do, then i'd take the book in to them when it comes out of the boiler and is dried.  hope they come :0)   
i've got new airbnb people here for three nights, anne and vern. she's getting a lurgy, doesn't sound good so i'm going to make chicken soup today, some for me and some for them.

down at the lock yesterday morning

also had a visit from yoga teacher sam and her mum, sam's commissioned me to do annette's portrait, so we're working it out

Sunday, 28 August 2016


The sun shone down on the weekend - i walked across the bridge to the showgrounds and was delighted to see that the two swans from the lock have 5 little cygnets, they've sneaked across to the darling river to have them, hope they bring them back to lock 10.

THE SHOW - classic country agricultural show, livestock, working dogs, equestrian events, fashion parade of garments made out of woolpacks, sideshows, craft pavilion etc.

every year i get a
kick out of the
vegetable animals

the animal nursery


Wearable art - every year dear old marg organises woolpacks for people to make into fashion and fantasy outfits for the show.  they're a wide nylon weave, people dye, paint, fringe them.  Marg's 80 but still hosting the show

Friday, 26 August 2016


LOTS OF DRAWINGS TODAY - a workshop with grade 5s at the merbein primary school and a talk in Mildura at the library in the evening.

but first, at last,
time to get up
 and walk to the
newsagent and have
 a coffee at artback,
a beautiful still
sunny day

chef john with ava and alfie, not to mention sally and marty the king charles spaniels enjoying their tidbits from the kitchen at
artback cafe
on the way home - jeanette's fence is bowing under the weight of her amazing lorraine lee roses, the entire length of the block and about 8 ft high

driving in, only in sunraysia . . .

Love this - it has a wonderful feel, 2 minutes
later it was gone, rubbed into a completely
different image
at merbein library, students from the nearby school did charcoal portraits after first drawing an apple, looking at light and shade    and highlights - how to create a 3D effect

concentrating on
eyes, getting the
highlight in there.
i love the diversity
of the kids' take
on my demo.

driving home - this new vineyard-to-be is staked in absolutely perfect straight lines, driving past it reminds me of the arlington cemetery in washington, the patterns created as you pass the rows.

in the evening, after the initial scare of the laptop refusing to see my slideshow of images, asha from the library managed to get it up and running for me,  phew!!!