Thursday, 4 August 2016


it was good to spend the night at the bayview on the park, opposite the albert park golf course.  I met Vicki at 8.30 and we had  1½ hour walk around the botanical gardens, they’re so beautiful and always kept in such amazing  condition. 
Then back to vicki’s to meet up with rene, sayaka and the cherubs.  They both have new hats with ears now thanks to Vicki  - very cute

Rene took cal off to the NGV to do the kids activities there and sayaka and I took mara and did an slow walk in the sun between the Sacred Heart Mission op shop in hotham st to the big salvos in st. Kilda. Cal and rene were already there when we arrived
Drove to torquay and met up with everyone last night, grigor and girlfriend Emily, em and tiao with little max and all my buddies.  I’m so tired I took no

pics at all, but I’m sure sayaka will have some.  Now I’m in bed at 7a.m.  it sounds rainy out there. I hope it clears so we can have a walk along the beach.

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