Monday, 8 August 2016


MAHDI and lloyd left early today but not before i took my goodies out of the boiler and unwrapped them, two gorgeous concertina books of pressed leaves - all eucalypts from the garden, and two scarves.  
all good so after producing  a lacklustre group of things yesterday i was thrilled this morning and immediately did a whole lot more to throw in the copper this morning.

goodbye mahdi and thank you  xx   :0)

can i sing a little
song of praise to
sue james's 
wonderful electric
copper - what a
godsend this was.
who knows what
people have in
their shed  :0) 

good old
Mallee sunshine -
we had frosty
chilly mornings
but by 10 the
sun was shining
and the whole
weekend was
perfect for
working outside.

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