Monday, 15 August 2016


WHAT A DAY!  packing up all the framed works (32), all with glass and finally realised that with bubble wrap etc they wont' go in my car   :-O
so near and yet so far, they just won't manouevre in through the doors, side back or hatchback.    so i made enquiries about a carrier -  $150  from here to mildura.

I'm also gathering art materials to do with chinese painting techniques and monoprints,  plus storyboards, dummy books, sketch books, my old favorite books (from childhood) my old sketchbooks from the 60's,  examples of covers i've done etc etc.  my head's been all over the place, i need to write a bio and explanatory notes to go with all this stuff

And i had to be at our Makers meeting tonight, with only half a brain!   luckily it was a small meeting and a short one (I'm chair so that helped).   good to see everyone nevertheless.  sigh, home now and sinking slowly in the west, feeling much better now as friend sue can take my work in her ute.   it's so good to have friends, people here are so willing to lend a hand, and i'm slowly learning how to ask for help  :0)   no pics, no time

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