Monday, 22 August 2016


A WALK ON THE ISLAND, a big brekky and the thrill of unwrapping all our concertina books - that was yesterday, then getting dinner ready for friends over from mildura and curlwaa for a meal of local produce bought yesterday - asparagus, blood orange for our 'ruby moon cocktails', a selection of vanilla slices, friend marie's pickled asparagus, you name it :0)   it was sandra and patrick's last night, i saw them off this morning and it's been a veg out day on the couch testing out the wood heater after the guy came to change the noisy fan.  

big brekky of free range eggs in
a gorgeous range of colours
vanilla slices from five bakeries, i think 28 entered - i haven't found out
the winner yet, but we voted for bayswater bakery in melbourne

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