Friday, 19 August 2016


SANDRA and patrick and i started the day with a big glass of mixed citrus juice, fabulous blood orange and blood grapefruit from friend sue's

THE OPENING WAS GREAT - it was so nice to look around a really packed gallery and to realise i knew everyone in the room, a good crowd from Wentworth came and Danielle made a really personal opening talk.  Very buzzy and satisfying. 

great to have sandra and
patrick here :0)

funny to see glasses and elbows all over the perspex after gallery staff had
spent such care polishing them to a high shine
steve hederics (artback cafe)  danielle hobbs from latrobe who opened the show, the irrepressible luke - our favorite barista who's returning to artback this morning, and sally hederics, out and about after the first months of leo's arrival

cousin gordon searle, familiar man whose name i don't know :0\  the wonderful sue  james without whom my work would all still be at home in boxes
danielle's daughter scarlett enjoying the little
reading room we've set up

THE FULL MOON was up but hiding behind gathering rainclouds. it has been a hot windy day, but still in the evening. now, friday morning,  it's heavy grey and lots of steady rain.  sandra and patrick are getting the full gamut of weather

we had dinner at the brewery afterwards, patrick and sandra had a large murray cod, my first taste.  it was heavenly, light, super fresh and delicious

    i dont think this one wanted to be caught

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