Friday, 5 August 2016


I'M COMATOSE TODAY after arriving home from a full day of driving. sue and derek dropped in and we polished off a bottle of champers.  little did they know i'd just had a martini so it was into bed very early.
Mahdi and Lloyd arrived this morning and we've been organising things for the weekend workshop.  my brain has stopped working -  i think i need to give dinner at the pub a miss and just go to bed :0(

poor derek arrived 
in a jumper but he was 
really cold in my 
unheated house so 
i scrounged up this 
fetching outfit.
derek wears a soft toned
mohair capelet with 
co-ordinating fairisle 

i'll post lots of pics of my time away and the fabric dyeing (there's so much amazing stuff out in the print studio)  -  sunday or monday.
SATURDAY MORNING - I've had a huge sleep - had a weird dream about the fabric dyeing workshop last night, lots of strange dreams in fact. but  a good sleep, it's not 7 yet and i've got the vege soup on the stove, a leg of lamb prepared greek style for dinner and now i'm back in bed with a coffee for half an hour before we get up and get ready for today. mahdi worked away all day yesterday and already has dyed things in her slow cooker to show everyone, and masses of examples everywhere. we've borrowed sue's wonderful old simpson electric copper and so it's all ready to go. weather looks perfect.


PICS FROM LAST DAY in melbourne,  a long walk with vicki around the beautiful botanical gardens, then down to torquay with rene and sayaka to stay at gails.  she's so kind to lend her house, we caught up with everyone at the pub where i was too tired to take any photos.
Next day a walk along torquay back beach and a morning with rene and family before they headed back to melb. so sad to see them go but i'll go over in november.

BABY max with angus and buffy

a surprise for cal in the st kilda salvos :0)



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